Plum – dream interpretation

Plums and plums are often confused with each other, but there are clear differences between the fruits. Plums are usually elongated oval and covered with a white layer of fruit wax. Plums, on the other hand, are round and their color ranges from blue to violet to red or yellow. The subspecies known today, such as plums and mirabelle plums, only developed through crossing different types of plums.

It happens that we also see or enjoy plums in dreams. In the following article we will show you how differently this dream symbol can be interpreted.

Dream symbol “plum” – the general interpretation

If you look at green plums during your dream, this is generally a sign for dream interpretation physical discomfort in the dreamer. You will also try in vain to do something because the plans you made for it were half-baked and full of defects.

If the dreamer eats dried plums, he should be prepared for worries and problems in the near future. Fresh plums, on the other hand, represent positive times. If you pick them, you will achieve great success in business. Eating them afterwards promises the dreamer satisfaction. A flirt or a short love affair can also be announced by enjoying a plum.

Did you bite into a plum with pleasure in a dream and were horrified to discover how sour it was? Then an unpleasant experience could soon cause grief.

If, on the other hand, the plums were sweet and juicy, this promised success across the board for the dreamer. This remains loyal to him, but he must remain consistent and persistent. Wishes can come true if you collect plums from the ground in a dream. However, this streak of luck will only be short-lived.

Picking up plums can also generally be seen as a sign of change be understood.

Dream symbol “plum” – the psychological interpretation

Due to its similarity to the female genital organs, the plum is often used as a symbol in dreams sexual character viewed.

If the dreaming person is a man who eats one or more plums, this dream situation promises him soon happiness in love.

However, if it is a woman who sees herself eating plums in her dreams, it is reasonable to assume that she often sees other women as rivals and envies them for attributes that she lacks in herself. This envy is an expression strong self-doubt. If the person affected does not work on their subjectively poor self-image, this will cause them major interpersonal problems.

Old dream diaries see the dream image “plum” as a symbol of one smart life planning. This results in a continuous positive development for the dreamer.

For this reason, the dream interpretation advises him to always remain true to himself and never to doubt that his dreams will come true. Even if it seems difficult and there is no progress in sight for a long time – success will inevitably come. Because the path the dreamer has taken could hardly be more perfect.

Dream symbol “plum” – the spiritual interpretation

Similar to the dream symbol of the plum, the plum is also a symbol of Maturity and spiritual development to understand.

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