Plants – dream interpretation

There are around half a million different plant species on earth, around a fifth of which are threatened with extinction. We couldn’t live without plants because they supply the air we breathe with oxygen.

Humans use plants in a variety of ways:

In the form of wood, for example, a tree is used to provide energy by burning, a plant is consumed as food, such as beets, horseradish, hops or peppers, and plants are also used as medicine, such as chamomile, marigold or peppermint. or parts of plants such as the bark are indispensable. You can make wonderful tea from nettles, but you need to wear gloves when handling them.

But people also like to surround themselves with beautiful greenery in the garden, park or on the balcony for pure decoration: with a fern, an exotic palm or a yucca palm, a cypress, a cactus. The flowering conspecifics are also popular, such as the pretty calla or passionflower, the anemone, the snowdrop, the peony, bluebells, the broom, oleander or the irises. The selection seems endless and to meet the equally great demand, many pretty flowers are cultivated, grown in flower houses and then sold.

We are often drawn to nature because we find peace and relaxation in the silence of the forest and the good air in the countryside. Here we find herbs of all kinds, grasses, stalks, ferns and plants such as climbing honeysuckle or poppies. We come across one or two dandelions, also known as “dandelions”, between asphalted paths. We can also come across woody plants in a field.

Our body can recharge, especially when it consciously retreats into nature and notices everything that lives and grows around it. If you then find a 4-leaf clover, your luck seems perfect.

Plants also appear in our dreams in many ways. The dream interpretation has found out interesting things about it.

Dream symbol “plants” – the general interpretation

If you dream of plants, this is always closely related to nature in dream interpretation. A green, healthy plant promises as a dream symbol growth, but also change, just as the natural cycle shows us in nature. However, there are different interpretations of the individual plant species in dream interpretation, which should be included in the analysis.

A tree, such as a beech, oak or birch, represents vitality and strength Earth connection through its deep roots. It can be indicative of the dreamer’s drive and energy, depending on how it shows itself to us in the dream. A dry tree with weak branches and twigs or a sick trunk can therefore also show the opposite, namely a correspondingly physically weak and ailing condition.

Flowers, when they appear bright and beautifully colored, reflect the enjoyment of life contrary. If a plant withers, it heralds sadness and worry or indicates the weakened state of the dreaming person. Plants in a flowerpot in a dream often refer to a pleasant situation in waking life. Bee pollen can appear as a dream image new ideas refer.

If you are dealing with poisonous plants in the dream world, such as a daffodil or a foxglove, this dream situation warns of cloudy, bad thoughtsthat the sleeper could get caught in. Clear thoughts are particularly necessary when it comes to making important decisions.

According to general dream interpretation, the sight of plants and bushes can also herald a beneficial relationship. Depending on what type of relationship it is, there may even be one here Wedding into the house. Anyone who discovers a lush, flowering rhododendron bush in the dream world can look forward to peaceful times and beautiful experiences.

Planting a young plant as a dream image can indicate the imminent achievement of a goal. Young plants that you nurture and care for are associated with the success of a plant good education and also with a large family. If you see many plants in a dream that are withering away and eventually dying, you should clarify in a certain situation whether it has perhaps reached a point where things cannot continue as before.

Just as the life cycle changes plants, this also happens to us humans. Experiences shape and change us, but we often don’t want to see this and hold on to the old. The dream symbol “plants” can help the dreamer to become one again inner clarity to reach and make necessary changes.

Anyone who sees herbivorous animals in their dream usually has positive developments ahead of them.

Dream symbol “plants” – the psychological interpretation

Wild plants are used in psychological dream interpretation as an indication of a possible strong Desire for freedom seen by the dreamer.

If, on the contrary, the plants that you see in the dream are all planted evenly and symmetrically, the dreaming person attaches too much importance to other people’s opinions. He should concentrate more on his own in the future The intuition and leave perceptions. This will also help him develop a new and strong self-confidence.

Green plants in full bloom often symbolize the desire of those affected Health and eternal beauty. This dream image can also advise the sleeper to do something more for his life force so that he does not lose his life force so quickly.

So-called “death flowers”, as chrysanthemums, white lilies or calla lilies are also called, are often used for funerals. Bouquets and wreaths are made from them. If mourning flowers appear in dreams, it is a good, hopeful omen: one New beginning then nothing stands in the way.

Dream symbol “plants” – the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted spiritually, all types of plants symbolize the life force and the steady one change in the life cycle.

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