Pillar – dream interpretation

A pillar is generally referred to as a structural element that serves as a vertical support. This usually has a load-bearing function and its task is to absorb and transfer the loads of the components that rest on it. But even non-load-bearing elements, such as posts at a gate entrance, are often viewed as pillars.

The structural elements resting on a pillar can be, for example, arches or beams. But ceilings or roof structures, such as a vault, are also conceivable here.

Pillars are often square in plan. But there are also round shapes, which are often referred to as columns. Depending on the era, different forms were used in architecture. There can also be pillars made of wood, concrete or even masonry.

Dream symbol “pillar” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis interprets a pillar in a dream primarily as a symbol of one solid base in life. This dream image is intended to show the sleeping person that he has built his life and his happiness on a good foundation. This dream symbol can also indicate a loyal friend.

If you see the cornerstone of a building or house in a dream, this can often indicate that you are with your life satisfied and you are in secure living conditions. If the cornerstone has to carry a heavy load in the dream, this can be seen as a sign of success in the waking world.

However, if the supporting pillar breaks in the dream, the dreamer may need some Changes make in the real world. Perhaps he has burdened himself with too much responsibility, which threatens to overwhelm him. If the dream symbol “pillar” is seen in connection with a bridge while sleeping, this can generally indicate favorable developments.

If the pillar supports a beam while you sleep, you usually have a happy future ahead of you. Professional and private life will develop positively. This dream symbol can be used as a support pillar for a roof Need for protection of the dreaming. Because they often long for more support and security in the waking world.

Dream symbol “pillar” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the pillar in the dream is interpreted similarly to the dream symbol “pole”. Anyone who dreams of this should be aware of this in the waking world Essentials focus. It may first be necessary to become aware of what is actually important to you in life.

If the pillar reminds you of a phallus in your sleep, it would be appropriate to look at it sexuality as well as his needs in this area. If the pillar is stable, this can indicate the dreamer’s strong inner strength. However, if the wearer wavers in the dream, there may be a mental imbalance.

If you see a spider web on a pillar on the dream level, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, you should become aware of the strong connection to another person. An antenna pole often illustrates this as a dream symbol Receptiveness of the dreamer in the emotional area.

Dream symbol “pillar” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “pillar” can refer to the Stability of the dreamer in spiritual matters. In addition, he should usually become aware that through this firmness he can also offer other people security.

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