Pigeon – dream interpretation

“It’s like being in a dovecote here.” The proverb shows the busy activity of the pigeon: In pigeon breeding, the animal was previously – and sometimes still is – used to transport messages. The animals were able to spend the night and nest in a wooden shack when they were not carrying out their duties as carrier pigeons.

The pigeon is also a very symbolic bird. The white dove represents peace and hope, and it is not uncommon for white doves to fly at weddings. This looks beautiful and is intended to wish the bride and groom happiness at the same time.

However, our attitude to pigeon droppings is different: the aggressive substances in the birds’ excrement particularly attack the paintwork on car roofs and hoods. Many a car owner will have cursed pigeons. Animal feces also contaminate sidewalks, buildings and balconies.

But what can it mean if we dream of a pigeon? What does the bird say as a dream symbol? After all, the grey-blue feathered pigeon is an animal that is always part of the image of urban life.

Dream symbol “dove” – ​​the general interpretation

Anyone who sees a pigeon flying in a dream can expect positive things to happen soon Message be happy. Very good news will reach him. A pigeon sitting in a tree or walking on the ground also promises positive things: the dreamer will have many new ones in the near future acquaintances do and always be warmly welcomed by other people.

White doves also announce financial gains and Success at. Whatever the person decides to do will go well and bring him happiness. In addition, two doves lovingly beaking each other can also be a love affair or in general Happiness in love promised.

A dove sitting on a window sill symbolically brings good news to the dreamer. This message can mean career advancement or more salary, but it can also mean luck in love matters. It may also be that a very old friend suddenly contacts the sleeping person.

However, anyone who scares away, catches or even eats a pigeon in a dream should be careful in real life: they will lose powerful friends and the like resentment attract the attention of others. The person should urgently pay attention to how he interacts with other people and treat them with respect and kindness. Seeing a scarecrow with a pigeon flying away from it signals one illusion. The sleeper should soon beware of people who may be dishonest.

The symbol of a dove on the roof can also contain a warning. The dreamer should not have too high demands and should more often be satisfied with what he has.

Further possible interpretations in general dream interpretation:

  • Carrier pigeon: Symbol of luck in the game, positive news reaches the dreamer
  • Hearing a turtledove: can under certain circumstances herald a death
  • Hearing a deaf cooing: good advice is given, the dreamer should follow it
  • Feeding the pigeon: helpfulness is appreciated, a favor is expected
  • Seeing a flock of pigeons: family happiness
  • Pigeon dealer or pigeon fancier: a happy time is approaching.

Dream symbol “dove” – ​​the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, the pigeon has always been a symbol of Frieden and Harmony. Anyone who dreams of her longs for these aspects, especially in relation to their relationship.

He may be going through a period where he argues with his partner quite frequently. The dove gives in to his urgent need tenderness and harmony expression and exposes the emotional, vulnerable side of the dreamer.

It also symbolizes the spiritual union two people. The sight of two beaked pigeons carefully caressing each other, or birds flying freely, represent unbound thoughts, your own creative mental ability, which is complemented by that of your partner.

At the same time, according to the psychological interpretation, the poultry is also a erotic symbol. It is not just the spiritual connection between the dreamer and his partner, but the dream also refers to the physical level.

Dream symbol “dove” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

Already in the early history of humanity, the dove was considered a symbol of love and holiness. Even today it still stands for everything Saint. This aspect can also be transferred when dreaming about the dove.

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