Pig – dream interpretation

Pigs have many meanings in our society. First and foremost, animals provide a source of food, at least for people who eat meat. Vegans and vegetarians instead look for meatless alternatives for a pork schnitzel and sausage, usually made from tofu. Meat lovers, on the other hand, usually love grilling and eat a product made from pork, beef or chicken every day. On Sunday a roast comes to the table.

Pigs are often symbolically linked to dirt, filth, greed and gluttony. In contrast, we also know the pig as a lucky charm, like a four-leaf clover, the chimney sweep or a horseshoe, as a symbol of fertility and food and, last but not least, as a very popular money box, the piggy bank. Although the many positive characteristics of intelligent animals are well known, “pig” is still used as a insult.

These many different aspects of the pig can be found when we look at the pig as a dream symbol. The mammal can also be interpreted in many different ways in dreams. The explanations mentioned below show how important it is to take all the details of a dream experience into account in addition to the dream symbol “pig”.

By the way, some people see a strange-looking pig in their dreams that has a rather elongated trunk and often spotted, bristly fur: that is a tapir. Maybe you noticed it while visiting the zoo? However, a tapir has little in common with a pig; dream interpretations vary here.

Let’s first look at the particularly common dream of a boar, a male domestic pig. Then, further down in the text, we turn to the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation.

Dream symbol “pig” – The most common dreams about the symbol”

The boar as a male dream pig

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “boar” often represents sexual plans and hopes. Maybe the dreamer has had someone in mind for a long time who he really wants to get to know better. Then the dream signals to him that now is the right time for it. If the animal runs away while sleeping, then the dreamer should look for someone else.

In dream interpretation, hunting a boar represents efforts without success. If, on the other hand, the dreamer is chased by the animal while he is sleeping, he may be facing a separation. If the dream catches or shoots a boar, then luck is almost certain for him.

Dream symbol “pig” – the general interpretation

As in real life, seeing a pig in a dream can Luck predict, especially when the curled tail is clearly visible. Luck applies particularly to the dreamer’s finances and business affairs. He will probably be very successful and this way he will be able to make his everyday life more luxurious. A pig in a dream is also considered a good omen for gambling.

Pigs can also… sexual meaning have. Ingesting food with the trunk through sucking, digging and rooting symbolizes oral satisfaction or the desire for (passionate) kisses.

Likewise, a female pig can represent its own mother – which should not be interpreted as an insult, but rather as a positive image: As a social and intelligent animal, the sow feeds many piglets over the course of her life and cares for them sacrificially.

If a pig is slaughtered in a dream, it foreshadows what is to come successes but the person concerned will only be able to gain from these at the expense of others. He should take time to think about whether he really wants this. Closely related to this is the possible meaning of a pig or piglet wallowing in the dirt and mud in a dream: This symbol is also considered warning from greed and selfishness.

If you feed pigs while they sleep, for example with turnips, this can indicate unfavorable developments in waking life, which can also bring with them some disappointments.

Dream symbol “pig” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the pig is understood as a sexual symbol. It stands for particularly wild (possibly not lived out) The fantasy as well as for female fertility. If a man dreams of a sow, psychoanalysts often see in the animal evidence of an unresolved “Oedipus complex”, the strong bond with the mother, which can be successfully processed in the dream.

According to the psychological interpretation approach, a pig that digs through manure, mud and dirt in a dream can also have a spiritual meaning imbalance represent. The burrowing pig symbolizes the pressure that the dreamer faces in everyday life. As a dream image, the pigsty signals double happiness.

It may also indicate that the sleeper is acting out toward himself and others because of this pressure. Consequently, in this context the pig stands as an encouragement to embrace the different sides of one’s own personality.

In connection with holidays or celebrations, the dream symbol “pig” can gluttony and Lust of the mind represent. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream of catching or shooting a pig represents a warning against envious people. The butcher symbolizes one warning: Your own happiness is at risk, and the dreamer also doubts his plans.

Dream symbol “pig” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to interpretation, what kind of pig appeared in the dream is first taken into account:

The male boar embodies as a spirit animal wisdom, life force and To know in one. A female domestic pig – the sow – symbolizes fertility. A wild boar, on the other hand, represents everything negative and demonic.

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