Piano – dream interpretation

Playing the piano in a way that captivates listeners and sounds harmonious requires years, if not decades, of practice, dexterity and creativity. Anyone who masters this instrument will be admired. It is not uncommon for the player to be completely absorbed in the music, perhaps even earning his living with it. There is sometimes something old-fashioned about the piano, as in past centuries it was considered particularly socially acceptable to play a few bars on the piano at a gathering of acquaintances.

The harpsichord, a type of piano with a much brighter sound, was popularly played at gatherings and for entertainment at court during the time of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. But even today, playing the piano is still considered good form in some families.

What does this instrument want to tell us as a dream symbol? Does it have to do with your love of music when your fingers fly over the keys in a dream, or is there something completely different behind it?

Dream symbol “piano” – the general interpretation

Hearing piano music in a dream indicates the current situation Mood situation of the dreamer. If the melodies are beautiful, perhaps even stirring, the dream symbol means joyful times, success and health, while disharmonious tones herald anger and annoyance. Anyone who listens to mourning music has something sad on their mind. If you see a piano in a dream, this is also interpreted as a good sign that one joyful event is imminent.

A damaged or out-of-tune piano, on the other hand, draws attention to your own dissatisfaction; the dreamer is frustrated about something in his life. He may have children and is annoyed that they do not receive the recognition from those around him that he considers appropriate.

If the piano is very old or looks old-fashioned, it is one warning. The dream missed opportunities or did not follow advice. Instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, he should look for new solutions, otherwise the problem cannot be solved. Buying a piano is also often a warning that the dreamer should pay attention to his finances and not spend too much money.

If the dreamer plays the piano himself, even with the help of a pedal, this can mean two things. On the one hand, the constant practice of scales or the failure of difficult piano pieces that simply do not sound harmonious indicate tedious tasks where he can fail but also grow. He should focus his attention on the task and invest more energy and hard work, just as playing the piano is a path of small steps.

On the other hand, playing the piano as a dream symbol refers to your own creativity. Such a dream can be used as an opportunity to check whether the creative potential is being fully exploited or whether the person concerned should, for example, change careers. Here too, a good result takes time and a lot of practice.

Dream symbol “piano” – the psychological interpretation

The piano symbolizes on a psychological level femininity. Anyone who dreams of this dream symbol deals with their own feminine side. There is something very tender about the way your fingers stroke and flit over the keys. It can also be an indication of preoccupation with one’s own sexuality act.

In old dream books, a woman’s dream of playing the piano is interpreted to mean that she will soon find an unspectacular but loyal and tender friend and lover.

Furthermore, the piano in the dream represents the Emotion scale of the dreamer. Depending on how the music he listens to or plays himself sounds, he will be able to draw conclusions about his current emotional life, with the keys to be played with the left hand representing internalization and the emotional side Keys that are played with the right hand, on the other hand, are for the rational.

The more harmonious the piano playing, the more in harmony the dreamer is with himself and his feelings. If the keys get stuck, this indicates blockages of a sexual or emotional nature.

Dream symbol “piano” – the spiritual interpretation

Creativity plays a major role in spiritual development; sound and music can be understood here in a figurative sense.

If the dreamer is occupied with music, that is what he is doing Progress on his spiritual path and is getting closer to it Harmony.

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