Phobia – dream interpretation

A phobia is characterized by an excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. Phobias are irrational fears that significantly limit and disrupt the person’s normal behavior. They represent a widespread psychological disorder that is accepted and accepted as part of life by many affected people. Some phobias can be so specific that they can have a severely limiting impact on life.

However, what characterizes a phobia is not the specific object or event, but rather the consequences that the person fears for themselves from coming into contact with it. So it’s not the elevator or the elevator itself that scares you, but the thought that you could suffocate in it if it gets stuck. Or you fear the high tower because you are afraid of falling over the railing at the top.

From a purely mental point of view, the person affected is fully aware that their fears are unfounded, but they are still unable to face the situation that triggers fear. The person goes into avoidance and thus strengthens his phobia every time, since he can never experience that none of his fears come true.

Does dreaming about fear always mean that you actually suffer from a phobia? You can find out what the phobia really means in dream analysis in the following text:

Dream symbol “phobia” – the general interpretation

A dream in which you were confronted with a phobia can initially feel very unpleasant and threatening for the dreamer.

According to dream interpretation, when a phobia appears, it is often reflected in our dreams real fears or actually existing phobias of the dreamer. A phobia can definitely affect our dreams.

If you experience a situation in the dream world in which you react panicked and phobic, even though this is the case in real life not If this is the case, you should take a closer look at the dream content. If you suddenly fear climbing a ladder or a tall building in the dreamed situation, this could be due to unconscious fears about current challenges in the dreaming person’s life.

Are there objects, objects or situations that trigger the feeling of a phobia in dreams? Then you should include their meaning in the overall dream interpretation, as they bring important insights for the analysis and should therefore definitely be taken into account.

Dream symbol “phobia” – the psychological interpretation

If you perceive your phobia as a physical sensation in your dream, you should still keep in mind that a phobia begins primarily through preoccupation with the supposed danger in our thoughts. We overestimate the likelihood and extent of danger and at the same time underestimate our ability to deal with the fearful situation.

Our thoughts only revolve around these fears and end up in a vicious circle. Our feelings react with fear, irritability, insecurity, the body responds to these emotions with tension, nausea, dizziness and many other symptoms. If you experience this in your dreams, it is often based on an experience that has not been processed properly.

Another widespread form of phobia is social phobia. This can also appear in your dream experience if you feel frozen and anxious around other people, fearing that you will be viewed and judged disparagingly. The dreamer may even lose his speech in such a situation or stand trembling at the entrance to a festival or event.

Even if in reality this does not correspond to the character trait of the dreaming person, social phobia is a strong one shyness.

The dream of this phobia can therefore simply be a request to the dreamer not to withdraw too much into himself and to remain in social contact with other people. However, if he feels very uncomfortable about this idea, there may be more to it than he previously realized.

Dream symbol “phobia” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the dream image “phobia” can be seen as one Fear in the subconscious can be understood, which takes shape through our dreams and reminds the dreamer to take care of the needs of his soul.

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