Phantom – dream interpretation

A phantom is something that is intangible, but whose presence you can still feel. A criminal who cannot be apprehended is often referred to as a phantom, although in the true sense of the word he is not. The phantom as an imaginary apparition, as a ghost, spirit or mirage is the focus of numerous films and comics.

The novel “The Phantom of the Opera” is world-famous and has been seen in the musical version on many stages for decades. But a phantom sometimes appears as a character in operettas, the “small” operas.

Because a phantom cannot be grasped, modern aircraft such as drones are often given names with this term – probably in the hope that they will remain undetected on secret missions. So-called “phantom pain” is pain sensations in an amputated body part.

If you dream of a phantom, you probably wonder who or what is behind it. Something mysterious surrounds this dream. But after waking up, the dreamer will realize that it was just a mirage, but that it must still have some meaning.

What is particularly important for dream interpretation is how the dream symbol fits into the dreamer’s personal life situation. Where does he or she need clarity?

Dream symbol “phantom” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “phantom” warns against inappropriate things optimism, which leads to disappointment. A romantic relationship may be seriously threatened by a rival. Maybe your partner actually isn’t as reliable as you’d hoped because he’s too indecisive and fickle.

In dream interpretation, the phantom is also a warning in other ways to “be on your guard” and not to worry pipe dreams to leave, for example in a circle of friends or in business matters. The dream symbol reflects something that the dreamer cannot see clearly and that he finds threatening. The dream can help him lift the veil.

If a phantom appears in a dream, it is a sign that the natural order is disturbed. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is seen as a requestDifficulties to face them and name them clearly. This is the only way they can be fought.

However, in dream interpretation, the illusion does not always have to be related to negative events. The appearance in the dream can also be a symbol for you Guardian Angel be who accompanies the dreaming. In this case, the dream symbol “phantom” expresses that the dreamer feels safe and secure.

Dream symbol “phantom” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, a phantom as a dream symbol is a mirror of the dreamer’s fears and feelings of guilt. In the dream interpretation, the ghostly apparition conveys Embassies from the subconscious, for example unpleasant memories or feelings that have been repressed from consciousness.

The phantom in the dream indicates mental confusion. It is possible that the dreamer’s psyche is currently very unstable and therefore susceptible to external influences. Values ​​and norms as well as old inner attitudes are no longer clearly recognizable. The dream symbol “phantom” often plays a role in dream interpretation Phases of upheaval a role. The dreamer is at a crossroads and has to reorient himself.

Dream symbol “phantom” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “phantom” corresponds to this in dream interpretation Geist of life. In the dream, the dreamer can look back on his previous states of being and thus recognize the progress in his spiritual development.

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