Phallus – dream interpretation

Pine cones, pillars, a sugar loaf, a cactus, a banana or a turnip, lollipops, a totem pole, a post or pillar, the torpedo, the zeppelin, a dildo or the penis itself – a phallic symbol can appear in a dream in a variety of forms appear. The word phallus originally referred to the erect penis.

Stalagmites or stalagtites in stalactite caves can also be phallic symbols, precisely because they look like a stiff penis. Sometimes we also dream of the symbol itself, which has no other purpose than to embody a phallus, be it made of stone, wood or some other material.

Does that mean we only have sex in our heads when we dream? Or could there be something completely different behind a phallus in a dream? What does dream interpretation say when we dream about it?

Dream symbol “phallus” – the general interpretation

The phallus can be embodied in dreams by a variety of objects that have a phallic shape. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud viewed trees and sticks, but also sharp weapons, as phallic symbols. In dream interpretation, the phallus is naturally a symbol of sexual power and sexuality in general.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, also a psychologist, he stands for the source of all life and symbolizes the creator. The dream symbol of a phallus that looks similar to the male “cock” indicates not only the sexual but also the general sense life force hin.

In addition, a phallus in a dream can mean fertility. This not only means the physical fertility from which a child emerges, but also the spiritual fertility. A dream about the phallus therefore indicates Creativity, ideas and special ideas. Maybe the dreamer also faces big tasks.

The dream suggests that he is confident of this. The bigger the phallus, the more Energy the dreamer has to put his plans into action.

If a sleeping person dreams of castration, i.e. the removal of a man’s penis, the person concerned may be very afraid of no longer being potent and sexually attractive. Many men dream of being emasculated, especially as they get older. Circumcision, on the other hand, symbolizes a part of one’s personality that can only be lived out to a limited extent. Most people affected by this are: Characteristicswhich are related to power and drive.

Dream symbol “phallus” – the psychological interpretation

The phallus is a very deep psychological dream symbol. It often appears when the superego encourages the dreamer to consciously engage with its own sexuality prohibits. In order to make itself noticeable, the subconscious uses symbols and images. The dreamer probably has secret erotic desires that he consciously doesn’t dare to think about.

Another possibility is that he is with Power grapples with either your own power or the power of other people in your life. Also the male parts are embodied by this dream symbol, the dreamer feels powerful and not very vulnerable. This can also apply if the dream is dreamed by a woman.

If the phallus is destroyed or damaged in the dream, this can be interpreted in the dream interpretation as a sign intimidation or understand low self-confidence. If the phallus is perceived as threatening, then the dreamer has Respect before his sexual or masculine sides.

Dream symbol “phallus” – the spiritual interpretation

The phallic symbol was important in many ancient religions and is embodied in spiritual dream interpretation fertility and eternal life.

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