Pests – dream interpretation

Depending on the species, pests can cause harm to both people and plants. In a broader sense, this term also refers to so-called parasitic plants, which obtain their nutrients from the host organism.

Pests - dream interpretation

Within the pests, a distinction is made between plant pests and animal pests. Plant pests damage plants by feeding on or sucking on other plants. As a result, they hinder the growth of the host plant and, in the worst case, cause it to die. Trees, for example, try to protect themselves from these animals with strong bark.

Animal plant pests include primarily insects such as beetles, caterpillars, aphids or snails. In some cases, birds or wild boars can also be considered pests.

Dream symbol “pests” – the general interpretation

Within general dream analysis, a dream about pests in the house or garden refers to prosperity and wealth. This will far exceed all expectations and hopes. In addition, happy times await the dreamer and his business will develop successfully and profitably.

If you are plagued by bugs in your dream, other people make you feel strong in your waking life harassed. You should also take a close look at what type of vermin the dream is about. From this we can derive further conclusions about the message of the dream. For example, lice as a dream image are a sign of negative thoughts.

Generally speaking, insect pests as a dream symbol usually illustrate Problems or considerations that the person concerned wants to ignore because they make them feel helpless. Anyone who plants marigolds as a pest deterrent will probably be successful in the near future.

If plants are attacked by beetles in a dream, the dreamer receives a hint of the eternal ups and downs of life. Seeing pests on an almond tree can be understood as a positive sign for the future. However, the dreamer will still have to overcome some difficulties. If the dreamer kills pests in his dream, for example with poison, he will quickly and easily deal with possible difficulties in waking life.

Dream symbol “pests” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the symbol “pests” can be of great importance tension of the sleeping person, which is based on a suppressed or unsatisfied sexuality. This interpretation can be used especially if the person affected is bitten, stung or has blood sucked out in the dream. Here too, the aspects of the respective animal symbol should also be taken into account.

If a woman dreams of pests, she should become aware of her sexual longings, which are not being satisfied. This dream image can also show the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

Crawling pests in a dream can indicate contents of the unconscious. However, if a lot of insects appear in the dream, this can be seen as a Danger signal be understood, which warn of nervous disorders or overload.

If caterpillars eat the leaves of flowers in a dream, this can indicate the sleeper’s fears that a situation will not develop according to his wishes.

Dream symbol “pests” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “pests” can be interpreted to mean that something in the waking world is keeping the dreamer busy on a spiritual level. He should therefore deal with these tormenting thoughts look into it in more detail.

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