Persian carpet – dream interpretation

A Persian carpet like this can really be a beautiful sight, especially because of its lush variety of colors. However, here too – as with many topics – opinions differ. Some are enthusiastic owners of such a carpet, while for others it is impossible to ever buy one.

Of course, whether you like a Persian carpet or not is always a question of your own taste and your own furnishing style. Especially nowadays, a simplicity prevails when designing one’s own four walls, which certainly runs counter to the splendor of the colors of these Persian works of art.

And yet we can still encounter the Persian carpet in our dreams. What kind of message can he possibly bring with him here?

Dream symbol “Persian carpet” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the Persian carpet in the dream as an admonition not to obey it idleness add. Because the dreamer seems to tend to be lazy in his waking life. It is better not to give in to this tendency, otherwise you will only harm yourself.

If you see a Persian carpet being knotted in your sleep, you should usually realize that you will be successful in life if you continually expand your skills. If the dreamer buys a Persian carpet in stores, he may have a financial opportunity in the waking world gain before. If, on the other hand, he sells it in his dream, he may soon go on a nice trip.

The pattern of the Persian in the dream can also provide further clues for interpretation. For example, if you see beautiful ornaments, this can often be on upcoming projects Trouble Clues. However, if animals are seen on this carpet, you may want to take a closer look at your instincts.

Likewise, the colors that can be seen in connection with a Persian carpet can be interesting for general interpretation. Especially if a color comes to the fore, its aspects should be examined more closely. A colorful Persian carpet can often be a dream symbol of the diversity of your own emotional world Clues.

Dream symbol “Persian carpet” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Persian carpet” is often seen as the dreamer’s desire for wealth as well Convenience viewed. However, such a Persian carpet in a dream can also warn against arrogance.

Anyone who flies on a Persian carpet like in a fairy tale in their dream will be able to easily overcome possible difficulties and obstacles in their life. If you are sleeping in a room with a Persian carpet on the floor, perhaps even in a harem, this can be considered a Lucky symbol be understood.

According to psychological dream interpretation, the room with the Persian carpet can also be important. If you saw this carpet in a living room, it could be your own satisfaction as well as inner balance.

If the Persian carpet is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner in a dream, it would be advisable for the person concerned to deal with its different aspects personality parts to deal with. Under certain circumstances he is in a state of mental imbalance.

Dream symbol “Persian carpet” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “Persian carpet” can be viewed from a spiritual perspective for the dreamer to warnto lose the ground under your feet. He shouldn’t get caught up in anything in the waking world or lose sight of reality.

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