Pepper – dream interpretation

Pepper is a common, hot-tasting spice. The pepper bush is originally native to India, but is now also grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil. If you want someone to go to where the pepper grows, you want to see them as far away as possible. Depending on ripeness, the grains are black, white, green or red. Connoisseurs also use very special types of pepper for special dishes. Incidentally, gingerbread and gingerbread are not seasoned with pepper, but rather with allspice, which used to be called clove pepper.

A dream in which spice plays a role can stimulate the senses. Maybe the dreamer feels the sharp taste on the tongue. Or he dreams that he gets ground pepper in his nose and then actually has to sneeze. Sometimes pepper spray, which irritates the senses, also plays a role in dreams

What exactly happens to the dream symbol “pepper” in the dream plays an important role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “pepper” – the general interpretation

In earlier times, pepper, like all exotic spices, was extremely valuable. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is sometimes understood as an invitation to enjoy an advantageous situation. However, the black grains are far more often interpreted as a negative sign. If you scatter the spice on the ground in a dream, you want a competitor as far away as possible, namely “where the pepper grows”.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol is considered a harbinger of family disputes and insults. Maybe the dreamer will also learn some bitter truths.

Depending on what happens to the pepper in the dream, the meaning of the dream image varies. Anyone who eats pepper must Strafe endure or defend oneself against evil attacks. The spiciness of the spice can warn that the dreamer could burn his tongue because of gossip.

In dream interpretation, distributing peppercorns is a symbol of sowing discord. Grinding pepper in a dream announces that you could become a victim of an intrigue. If the dreamer crushes peppercorns, the dream symbol indicates that he will overpower his opponents.

Dream symbol “pepper” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the erotic aspect of the dream symbol “pepper” is significant for dream interpretation. With sharpness comes fire in the sense of liveliness and temperament, but also sexual Passion associated.

The dream is often a request from the subconscious to let go of inhibitions and to perceive and accept desires. The dreamer subconsciously wishes to be able to experience pleasure without having a guilty conscience.

In addition, the dream symbol “pepper” is a symbol of dream interpretation Energy. The dreamer should tackle important matters quickly. However, if the pepper is scattered in the dream, the dream symbol can be a signal that the dream is being too wasteful with its personal resources.

Dream symbol “pepper” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiciness of the pepper increases blood circulation and therefore creates a feeling of warmth. In a transcendent sense, the dream symbol embodies this in dream interpretation spiritual love and warmth.

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