Peony – Dream Interpretation

There are over 30 species of peonies worldwide, although the majority come from Europe. These plants have been cultivated for a long time and therefore decorate many gardens. The large and lush flowers are particularly popular with garden owners.

In earlier times, the peony was even used as a medicinal plant. It was used primarily in the treatment of gout. However, since its effectiveness could not be medically proven, it has disappeared from today’s medicine.

But what can the peony mean when it appears in a dream? What message does she bring for us here?

Dream symbol “peony” – the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, anyone who sees a blooming peony in a dream can usually feel overwhelmed happiness in love be happy. The color of the flowers should also be looked at more closely, as further information about the meaning of the dream symbol can be derived from this.

If you receive a peony or compass rose as a gift while you are sleeping, this can indicate a person who secretly admires or adores the person concerned. You should therefore keep your eyes open in your waking life for this admirer possibly find out. Giving away peonies as a dream image can encourage you to be more courageous. You shouldn’t be too shy, especially when it comes to love, but rather stand by your feelings.

If the dreamer breaks the blossom of a peony from the bush in the dream or throws it away, love will not last long. You may even have one soon separation in the waking world. In general, the sight of a wilted peony while sleeping can often indicate a weakening of feelings towards a particular person.

If many peonies grow in a garden in a dream, you usually long for love in your waking life security. However, finding this requires a mature personality.

Dream symbol “peony” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “peony” as a reference to the emotional state of the dreamer. If this flower is beautiful in a dream, then you are usually aware of your feelings and find fulfillment in your current relationship. A wilted peony in a dream, on the other hand, illustrates problems or difficulties.

If the dreamer cuts off a peony while sleeping, he may face a time of failure in the real world disappointments before. If you smell the scent of peonies in a dream, psychologically speaking you often want to find sexual fulfillment in your relationship.

Seen as a plant, the lush peony can also represent the dream image of the sleeper’s wish for good health and more Life energy symbolize.

Dream symbol “peony” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent perspective, the peony in the dream can be a symbol of the Jungfrau Maria because, unlike the rose, it has no thorns.

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