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The male sexual organ is seen as a phallus symbol in almost all cultures as a symbol of fertility and a sign of masculinity. The dream symbol “penis” is considered the source of life and stands for vitality and creativity and is usually interpreted this way in dream interpretation.

Although the dream image of a penis naturally appears more often in men’s dreams, women also dream of owning a male genitalia – a “cock”. In addition, the man’s best piece often appears as a phallic symbol or dildo in dreams.

Dream symbol “penis” – the general interpretation

Dreams in which the reproductive organs appear and also play a special role always have a tendency to be interpreted as a purely sexual dream. This is true in many cases, but not all of them can be interpreted as just a desire for sexuality.

If the dream symbol penis appears detached from a body, then it is generally with male power and the ability to act. The body represents sexual power and the Kraftto create something.

Die fertility, which represents the dream symbol “penis”, can refer to both the result of work and the result of thoughts. The male member in the dream announces something new that can be created. This also includes previously suppressed thoughts and desires that can suddenly emerge.

If the penis becomes a large, magnificent specimen in the dream, this is interpreted as a sign that it no rivals there are things that the dreamer has to fear. If the dream eats his own genitals, then this is interpreted as an announcement that his own son or male child of friends will not fare well.

There are also other contexts in which the dream symbol “penis” can be seen as a reference to your own son. In these cases, the genitals are given special care and attention, just as one would care for a child. Sometimes a dreamed Schniedel is also an indication that you will become the father or mother of a son.

Dream symbol “penis” – the psychological interpretation

It is reasonable to assume that the dream symbol “penis” primarily has to do with a sexual dream. Nevertheless, there is a psychological interpretation of this dream symbol.

If the phallic symbol appears to the dreamer, it stands primarily for Power. It can mean that the dreamer has this power, but also that he is afraid of this power. In this context, for example, a dreamed castration or impotence can indicate a highly underdeveloped self-confidence.

For Sigmund Freud, this dream symbol is also a sign of the separation of sexuality from the sexual organs. In his opinion, despite this obvious symbol, a person seeks not only sexuality, but also Love.

According to Freud, the dream symbol “penis” can also appear in the form of other long, rigid objects or things in order to be interpreted in this way.

Dream symbol “penis” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual interpretation, the dream symbol “penis” stands for spiritual power.

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