Pendulum – dream interpretation

Physically, a pendulum is a body that is rotatably mounted on an axis or a point that does not coincide with its center of mass and can swing around its own rest position.

The simplest version is the so-called thread pendulum. This consists of a weight attached to a thread, similar to a plumb line. A shot put pendulum in which several metal balls are attached to threads in a row is also quite well known. Even a mechanical scale must first level off if you try to achieve balance.

But what message does the pendulum contain in a dream? What does such a dream point to and what interpretations does the dream interpretation have? You can find out here.

Dream symbol “pendulum” – the general interpretation

The general level of dream interpretation sees the symbol “pendulum” primarily as an announcement of Changes. The dreamer should prepare for the fact that there will be some changes in the waking world. It is within your own power to take advantage of these opportunities or let them pass you by. However, if he misses these opportunities, his life will probably change for the worse.

The swinging movement of the pendulum on a thread in the dream contains the sleeper request, neither to rely on luck nor to despair at misfortune. Life is a constant back and forth. That’s why after a bad time there will come a good time.

Anyone who sees the pendulum on a clock or a pendulum clock in their dream should realize that everything in life is in motion. His life is in one Phase of change and he will have to get used to some innovations. If the dream breaks such a clock pendulum, this can be understood as a positive sign for the future. He will know how to deal well with the upcoming changes.

If a watchmaker repairs a defective pendulum clock in a dream, the sleeper is shown that although a phase in his life will come to an end, he can still look positively into the future. If the sleeper swings with a rope while climbing in his dream, this can be the case according to the general interpretation of the dream Insecurities when making a decision. The dreamer doesn’t really know how to decide. He first wants to weigh up all possible consequences.

Dream symbol “pendulum” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream image of the pendulum Justice symbol. Because the dreamer should become aware that every action also produces a reaction. He should therefore think carefully about his actions in waking life.

A pendulum body that swings back and forth on a band or a rod while you sleep often symbolizes the ups and downs in your own life Relationship. You should therefore not despair in a difficult situation, but rather hold on to your partnership. There will be good times again.

A wrecking ball as a pendulum in a dream, perhaps in connection with the demolition of a building or a wall, usually brings psychological benefits Changes in real life. If you do something about it yourself, you will be able to shape this change yourself.

A pendulum figure as a toy – also a swing on the playground – illustrates the dreamer’s rejection of responsibility and indecision.

Dream symbol “pendulum” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the pendulum in a dream can refer to the back and forth in life. This dream symbol shows the dreamer that Heights and Depths belong to life.

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