Pelican – dream interpretation

The pelican is a large water bird with a throat pouch on its lower beak, which it uses like a landing net when catching fish. This gives it a distinctive appearance. The pelican’s body structure is somewhat clumsy and its gait on land appears clumsy.

But once the bird spreads its wings, with which the largest specimens reach a span of up to 3.45 m, it transforms into an impressive flying artist. The pelican hunts in groups and uses a special technique: By swimming on the water and beating the surface with their wings, the birds drive the schools of fish into shallow water, where they can then catch them more easily.

The pelican can be found as a symbol on various flags and coats of arms.

A dream about a pelican is probably not associated with negative feelings. Perhaps the dreamer has to laugh at the slow movement on land, or the animal’s flight triggers a longing for distance and freedom. The current mood of the dreamer in real life, but also the emotions in the dream are important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “pelican” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the pelican represents caring and helpfulness. As a dream symbol he expresses the Family spirit of the dreamer, but at the same time warns not to overwhelm others with motherly love.

A pelican that cares intensively for its young in a dream symbolizes self-sacrificing dedication on the one hand and helplessness on the other hand. The dreamer may feel alone in his current situation and the dream symbol tells him that he can count on the support of his family.

Another possibility is in dream interpretation Lack of social interaction in the life of the dreamer. In this case, however, he should also ask himself to what extent he himself can become more involved.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “pelican” can announce misfortune and sorrow. But maybe it just reflects reality, namely that successes and disappointments take turns.

If you catch a pelican in a dream, the dream symbol indicates the opportunity to neutralize unfavorable influences. If someone dreams that they are killing a pelican, this indicates a ruthless personality that ignores the needs and concerns of others.

To see the water bird in flight means a threatening one in dream interpretation accusation.

Dream symbol “pelican” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “pelican” is a creature of water and air. In dream interpretation he combines rationality with emotionality Geist with the soul. As a bird capable of flight, the pelican expresses the unconscious.

The dreamer’s thoughts move just as freely as he flies in the dream. The dream symbol is a sign of a balanced one Soul life.

At the same time, the pelican has a close connection to water, which is the source of all life and embodies purification and innocence. In dream interpretation, this can indicate that the dreamer is either completely at peace with himself or that there is a “spot”, a burden, in his psyche that he would like to free himself from.

In addition, the pelican with its striking beak is also a symbol of dream interpretation Communication skills. The dreamer should ask himself whether he is particularly good at interacting with other people or whether his dream may be intended to point out a shortcoming.

The dream bird embodies just as pronounced social skills like empathy, loyalty and a sense of community. The pelican in the dream may be a sign from the subconscious to think about this aspect of life.

Dream symbol “pelican” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the pelican represents sacrifice and rebirth in dream interpretation. In dreams it conveys hope and confidence and is a dream symbol for the Believe in the good.

As a bird, the pelican also symbolizes immortal soul of the human.

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