Pearls – dream interpretation

Pearls are a classic piece of jewelry and, if they are real, also very valuable. Usually grouped together as a chain, they are passed down from generation to generation. Many a little girl has played big lady with mom’s pearl necklace.

The Christian rosary or Buddhist mala is made of beads that are counted with fingers during prayer or meditation, giving the bead a spiritual meaning. Pearls are formed when a shell forms nacre around a foreign object, a process that takes time. It takes luck to find a pearl in a shell, so it represents unexpected wealth, also in a figurative sense. We refer to people who are dear to us or who do great things for us as “pearls”. Last but not least, its shape and shimmering shine resemble a tear, which is why pearls can also be a symbol of tears.

But why do pearls appear to us in dreams? Depending on the form in which we dream of them, whether as jewelry, a rosary or a found object, the dream symbol can have very different meanings.

Dream symbol “pearls” – the general interpretation

Due to their appearance, which resembles a teardrop, pearls can be seen in a dream sad event stand. If the dreamer sees pearls or puts them around his neck, he is sad about something or is expecting grief. When he strings them onto a string, several sad events are lined up one after the other. Torn pearl necklaces reinforce this aspect of the dream symbol: There is sorrow in the house.

If the dreamer receives pearls as a gift, then in waking life he is with a gift or something that has fallen to him. unsatisfied or suspects that it will bring him suffering. If he gives away beads to others, this indicates that his good intentions will not be noticed and his willingness to help will not be rewarded. On the contrary, he may just be exploited.

Anyone who scatters pearls is literally throwing “Pearls before swine”that is, his efforts are not seen and he is noticed by acquaintances or friends Lose reputation.

The silky shine of the pearls can also represent the beautiful glow that makes something shine and shimmer, but does not bring fulfillment. This false shine can also refer to a plan or a business project that the dreamer distrusts. Like false pearls, it could prove to be more appearance than reality. Perhaps it is the dreamer himself who shines on the outside, but is consumed by grief and suffering on the inside.

In addition, beads can be used for wealth and luxury, especially individual pearls in dreams often show successes after many defeats. Like a pearl diver who finds the valuable pearl after many fruitless dives, the dreamer is finally rewarded for his efforts or has gained a rare, important insight. A pearl earring represents tears that are shed out of joy and indicates an event that makes the dreamer happy.

If small pearls are held with tweezers in a dream, you should perhaps be aware of a detail in a certain matter in the waking world.

Dream symbol “pearls” – the psychological interpretation

Pearls as a dream symbol can represent wealth, luxury and Sophistication stand. You may crave perfection and have a particular sense of aesthetics.

Depending on the context in which the pearls appear in your dream, you can tell from it whether you are putting too much pressure on yourself to ensure that everything in your life turns out perfectly or whether you simply enjoy designing everything according to your wishes .

A dreamed pearl, especially if it is still in the shell, can also represent the feeling of Enclosure stand. Maybe you feel restricted, by others or even by yourself, and are striving for something more valuable than what your life currently has to offer.

Dream symbol “pearls” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, pearls are a dream symbol for the Enlightenment. In their beauty, purity and rarity, they point to special insights that are essential for the spiritual path – rare, unexpected finds that you can use spiritual rebirth bring a little closer.

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