Pawn – dream interpretation

Anyone who goes to a pawn shop to borrow money must in return deposit a valuable item such as a piece of jewelry. You will only get this back when you pay back the money you borrowed.

We know something similar from our daily shopping in the supermarket. Anyone who buys beverage bottles or cans must pay a small surcharge as a deposit in addition to the purchase price. This is intended to encourage the customer to return the emptied containers later and thus get their money back.

However, you can also be seized yourself if the bailiff shows up at our door because of unpaid bills and reminders. With the well-known “cuckoo” he confiscates items of our property, which are then used to pay off the unpaid debts.

But what does it mean to seize within the dream world? How can dream situations with the dream image “pledge” be interpreted most appropriately for each individual?

Dream symbol “pledge” – the general interpretation

If something is seized in a dream, this is generally viewed as a warning losses in the waking world. Losing something can refer to different areas for the dreamer, such as separation from a partner, a break in a friendship or even material loss. In all cases, however, it is the dreamer himself who is to blame for this because he acted too inattentively and thoughtlessly.

If it is another person who owes us something and from whom we are seizing, it can be concluded from this dream situation that one will pay dearly for his good nature in real life. The dreamer should therefore be particularly attentive when it comes to borrowing items or money. Otherwise there is a risk of actual bankruptcy.

The dream image “deposit” also indicates not to be too wasteful and to invest more in yourself Modesty to practice. This advice is especially true if you have to experience firsthand the seizure by a court executor in the dream world. You may actually already be in financial distress in real life. It is therefore all the more important to create a savings plan immediately and no longer allow yourself to be carried away with unnecessary expenses.

If you accept a deposit from another person, you are allowed to transfer it in your waking life reliable friendships be happy.

Dream symbol “deposit” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image of pawning can indicate that one is moving away from old habits should separate or is already in the process of doing so. If the dream pawns his property in a pawn shop, it can be helpful for dream interpretation to remember what he has pawned. This may allow you to draw conclusions about what you would like to part with in real life.

A further interpretation of the process of pledging can mean for the dreamer that he is currently in the right place in his life wrong way located. He’s looking for help and is so desperate that he’s willing to give himself up. – The knowledge he seeks lies within himself.

The person affected should stop wandering around completely disoriented. Only then will he, in the silence, regain a feeling for his “gut feeling”, which will help him to recognize his right path.

Dream symbol “pledge” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “pledge” as a symbolic expression of the Ability to surrender the dreaming person.

However, she should be careful not to be too wasteful with her spiritual energies.

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