Pavilion – dream interpretation

The term pavilion was originally used until the 18th century to refer to a large, square war tent or throne tent. Nowadays, a pavilion is a structure in a garden or park that appears quite light and is free-standing. This term also refers to a projecting part of a building with a domed roof, which makes it stand out from the rest of the house.

But new buildings that are smaller than the main building but are still assigned to it are also given the name “pavilion”. This species can be found especially in hospitals or schools. Buildings or tents for trade fairs or exhibitions are often referred to as pavilions, although the construction method does not matter.

But a pavilion can also appear in a completely different context. Because in heraldry, i.e. heraldry, it refers to the so-called coat of arms. This is a spread and magnificently designed cloak, held together at the top by a crown of rank and enclosing a coat of arms.

Dream symbol “pavilion” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the sight of a pavilion, for example in a garden, in a dream refers to the sleeper’s hope for one Accommodation. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about looking for a new apartment. Rather, this interpretation addresses the mental and emotional level. The dreamer wants to finally find his place in life.

If you see yourself in a pavilion in a dream, you will soon be able to see one erotic adventure be happy. If the pavilion is used like a garden house or arbor while you sleep, you will be lucky in love or in a relationship when you are awake. If the dreamer builds a pavilion as a garden shed in his dream, this can be seen as a positive sign for his future.

The material of the dream pavilion can also be important for the general design and should be examined in more detail. A wooden pavilion in a dream usually brings with it strenuous work in waking life. This Trouble But they will pay off and the dreamer can be happy about his successes. A mobile pavilion tent made of fabric and metal poles as a dream symbol, on the other hand, can indicate certain restrictions, but these will only be temporary.

If the symbol “pavilion” appears in the dream in the sense of a coat of arms, it can reflect the sleeper’s longing for security and show protection.

Dream symbol “pavilion” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets a pavilion as a dream symbol to the effect that the dreamer has a personal dream Retreat wishes. The desire to protect one’s privacy can also be reflected in this dream image.

If the side parts or curtains of the portable roundel are closed in the dream, this can be a Secret illustrate that the dreamer wants to protect from others. If you use the pavilion or rotunda as a roof in a dream, this can figuratively indicate a very mind-oriented way of thinking. The sleeper often neglects his instincts in the waking world and relies more on his head.

Anyone who sits or lies under a pavilion in their dream is at peace with themselves and their character traits and is in a state of inner harmony. The care and support of other people in waking life can also contribute to this.

Dream symbol “pavilion” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “pavilion” can refer to the Need for protection of the dreaming. He wants to be sure of himself and his spiritual insights in waking life.

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