Pastries – dream interpretation

In normal usage, pastries refer to various baked goods that are baked as individual pieces on a tray or in a mold in the oven. In addition, such baked goods can also be fried in fat, such as “Berliner Pfannkuchen”, also known as “Berliner”, regionally known as “Krebbel” or “Krapfen”.

Within the pastry, a distinction is made between sweet and salty versions. Sweet pastries include biscuits or cookies, cakes, cupcakes, small tarts and Danish pastries. The croissant for breakfast is also sweet. Salty pastries include pretzel sticks, cheese cookies or quiches. Depending on their ingredients, muffins can be classified as both salty and sweet pastries. Many baked goods are refined with sweet-spicy or bitter-aromatic spices to give them a special taste: gingerbread would only be half as delicious without allspice, cloves, anise, ginger and all the other spices in it.

But why do you dream of pastries? Maybe you went to bed hungry and that’s why you dream about it? Or is there a completely different clue hidden behind this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “pastries” – the general interpretation

The general level of dream analysis sees the dream image of “pastries” as the sleeper’s desire for a life in… luxury with many conveniences. But such a dream can also ask you to become clear about your innermost desires. It is irrelevant whether these concern material or immaterial things.

If you see pastries lying on a plate in your dream, your expectations will be disappointed in financial matters as well as in love. Sometimes this dream situation can also refer to the Fraud pointed out by a cunning person.

Buying pastries promises for the future good profits. On the other hand, if you sell pastries in your sleep, you get an indication of your own professional ambitions.

If the dreamer bakes pastries in his dream, perhaps with raisins, then, according to general dream interpretation, he wants positive things for the waking world Changes. If you watch a baker baking cookies, you can probably look forward to a happy time soon, which will also bring satisfaction.

Eating pastries as a dream image often heralds minor arguments that will occur in the family circle. Baking Christmas cookies in a dream often symbolizes the sleeper’s desire for one harmonious time with his family.

Dream symbol “pastries” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the pastries in the dream can represent the dreamer’s hope for more security and symbolize affection. Although the sleeper longs for this inside, he usually does not allow such behavior. He may be afraid of losing his independence.

Pastries as a dream symbol also often appear in men’s dreams. This should make them aware that they would like to experience the advantages of a partnership, but do not want to give up the freedom of their “single existence”. This one Conflict You should now become aware of it and try to solve it.

Cookies as pastries while sleeping, perhaps with a marsmallow decoration, usually illustrate the longing for the simplicity of one’s own childhood. Based on the dream symbol “sweets”, pastries can also refer to unsatisfied people sexual desires refer. Especially if you avoid pastries and sweets in a dream, this can indicate that you are suppressing your own expectations in this area.

Dream symbol “pastries” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “pastries” as a sign of the dreamer’s longing for the Amenities of life.

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