Passport – dream interpretation

We identify ourselves with a passport. This means that we can use this document to prove who we are and where we come from. As identification, the passport contains information about our name, date of birth, height, eye color and our current home address.

In EU countries, a normal passport is usually sufficient. However, if you want to travel further afield, in many countries you need a passport in which entry and exit can be confirmed with a note. If you have lost your passport and, in the worst case scenario, only notice it at the airport, the dilemma is often great. These and other disturbing dream situations occur to many people at night and cause confusion.

Then questions arise like: What does the dream symbol “passport” actually mean? Does this dream perhaps say something about my identity? Or does the dream image refer to an actual trip that is coming soon?

By the way, if you dreamed of a pass in the sense of a mountain range, look up the meaning of the dream symbol here: Dream Interpretation “Mountain Pass”.

Before we look at the general interpretation of the dream symbol “passport” in the sense of ID, let’s first look at the most common dream situations with a passport:

Dream symbol “passport” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The journey begins: Travel in a dream with your passport

The travel document: The passport in a dream

In general, the travel document passport represents a spatial change in dream symbolism. In the waking world, this change of location can be based on a move or an actual journey. The desire for a “change of scenery” in the sense of a fundamental change can be expressed with this dream image.

Using a passport as a passenger in the dream world

The further journey in the dream, in which you sit as a passenger on a plane, on a ship or in a train, symbolizes your own journey in life. If you use a passport in a dream and have to show it to an inspector, you can achieve greater clarity in a certain matter in reality.

See or snap a passport photo or photo in the dream world

Did you see a passport photo in a dream? If you were pictured yourself, the dream image can be understood as a reminder to recognize your own mistakes when it comes to changing locations. If another person is shown on the passport photo, new acquaintances will be made.

Forgotten or lost! The passport is missing in the dream

The loss of an important document can also indicate the real fear just before a trip: Have I thought of everything? If you understand the passport as a symbol of a spatial change, losing your papers in a dream indicates that you are afraid of this change in the waking world. Ultimately, this is always accompanied by detachment from the environment and familiar patterns.

Dream symbol “passport” – the general interpretation

The dream image “passport” can point the dreamer to one upcoming trip point out if it is your own passport that you saw in front of you in the dream. It is possible that a change of location or a vacation trip is actually coming up in your waking life and you are therefore very intensively concerned with all the necessary matters, which can also include the passport and other formalities.

In general, however, the pass can also be used for one Loss indicate that the dreaming person will suffer in close circles of acquaintances or friends. This loss will be very close to the dreamer personally and will suddenly make him question many of the events around him and see them with different eyes. The passport as a dream symbol can also help the person concerned gain more clarity in a specific matter in which they have been desperately looking for a way out for a long time.

However, if you see a stranger’s passport in the dream world, there may be threats Problems with offices or other authorities. You also worry about someone else’s travel plans. Maybe you are even worried because she is already on the way and you fear that an accident could happen to her.

If you are standing at a border and we are stopped there because you cannot show your passport, this means that in reality someone is constantly putting obstacles in our way and thus making our lives more difficult.

Dream symbol “passport” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “passport” from a psychological perspective, it can sometimes reflect the dreaming person’s desire for change stand. She may be thinking about taking a break in the form of a trip or even moving. She may have a strong need to take her entire life in new directions. This means letting go of old habits, beliefs and views and becoming completely free of these things inside. If you are ready and open to change, you will soon realize that you have made the right decision.

Furthermore, the pass can be limited to a small amount self-consciousness Clues. The dreamer may also feel guilty. He should get to the bottom of this in more detail, as the reasons for his existing self-doubt may be found here.

If the dream situation involves a passport, according to dream psychologists you should definitely be ready for a new one positive phase of life be. So look forward to happy times!

Dream symbol “passport” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “passport” embodies the spiritual dream interpretation spiritual identity the dreaming person. The passport can also symbolize a fulfilled life.

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