Pascha – dream interpretation

“Man, what a Pasha!” – When you hear this saying today or say it yourself, you certainly don’t think about the original meaning of this term. Because pasha was the title of a high dignitary in the Ottoman Empire.

However, the days of the Pascha in its original meaning are long gone. Because the title was abolished in the early to mid-20th century. Nowadays this term is much less friendly and is mainly used in a derogatory way.

Today, “Pascha” is used to describe a commanding person who has no regard for others. On the other hand, it describes a man who sees women as inferior and lets his wife pamper and serve him every step of the way. The term can therefore be equated with a macho or chauvi.

A distinction is also made between the two meanings on the dream level. You should therefore carefully consider what kind of “kind” of Pascha you saw in your dream.

Dream symbol “Pascha” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis interprets the Pasha, when he appears in the dream in the sense of a title, as a sign of ruthless superiors. The dreamer should be here patient be and don’t let yourself be disturbed. If he is honored with the title of Pasha in a dream, he should be careful not to set his goals too high in waking life.

If the Pasha appears as a family elder or patriarch in the dream, the dream symbol can be interpreted in the sense of the dream image “father”. Such a dream can then reflect the dreamer’s longing for one helping hand in a problematic situation. Because to solve a problem he will need someone else’s advice.

Anyone who sees a Pasha in his dream in the sense of a proletarian or a ruthless man usually receives, generally speaking, a reference to his own Behave in the waking world, which is characterized by selfishness and ruthlessness. If the Pasha exploits women in the dream and treats them like servants in marriage, he neglects or ignores the creative parts of his personality in waking life.

Dream symbol “Pascha” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the title Pascha in the dream can be a symbol of pride and arrogance can be understood. The dreamer should not allow himself to be drawn into such behavior in the waking world, even if he is better than others in a certain area.

If your partner behaves like a pasha or sexist in the dream and possibly even threatens you, this can indicate a real problem within you partnership Clues. The dreamer may feel that his partner does not value him enough or treats him ruthlessly. That’s why the dream of a Pascha in this context can also ask you to do something about this situation in waking life.

Dream symbol “Pascha” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “Pascha” can be seen as a dignitary in a dream intellectual arrogance and warn presumption.

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