Party – dream interpretation

The occasions for a party can be extremely diverse: birthdays, weddings, carnival, New Year’s Eve or in the summer. There are parties where a certain style of music is predominantly played, such as the electro party, house party or the NDW party (“Neue Deutsche Welle”). An after-work party invites you to meet up after work. The Block Party is common in the USA, similar to a neighborhood festival in Germany. At the flat rate party you can get free beer or schnapps for a flat fee.

In the 1990s, there were also meetings of computer fans who connected their devices to a large network at a Lan party – however, since the Internet has found its way into many private households, wired connections are hardly necessary anymore. Girls and young women arrange a pajama party where all participants spend the night in the hostess’s household. This trend also comes from the USA; pajama parties have been popular in Germany since the 60s and 70s.

Terms such as exuberance and happiness are firmly linked to the idea of ​​a successful party. A celebration, especially a party with friends or in a club or bar, has a high social status. As a good host you enjoy social respect just as much as you do as a welcome guest at a party.

That is why it is important for understanding a dream whether the dreamer himself invites you to the party or whether he is invited. As a guest, are you the focus of the event or are you more alone? Are you successful as the organizer of the celebration or maybe not everyone who was invited comes?

Whether the dream can be interpreted positively or negatively and what messages are hidden behind the dream symbol “party” depends on the dream event, but also on the general mood of the dreamer. At the same time, all other dream images that appeared in connection with the party should be interpreted: balloons, streamers, beer, food, music, jukeboxes, darkness, light and so on…

Dream symbol “party” – the general interpretation

According to popular belief, it is a good omen if you are invited to a party or a fun house party in a dream. The dreamer should then Experiences of success be decided. If you are the host of such an event, this is considered a bad sign, and the more successful the celebration is, the more so.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “party” is generally a symbol of social skills. It can mean that the dreamer loves sociability and masters the role of guest as well as host with bravura and pleasure. However, he can also be someone who is reluctant to socialize and meet people, avoids celebrations and prefers to stay alone.

If someone who is otherwise rather reserved, perhaps even extremely shy, dreams that they are attending a party and even enjoying the hustle and bustle, this can be interpreted in the dream interpretation as request can be interpreted as becoming more sociable in real life. The party thus becomes a symbol of the acquisition or consolidation of social skills.

Anyone who celebrates too many parties in their dream and becomes a drunk should be aware that they are probably in bad company.

A singles party can often be seen as a dream image own partnership refer someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. If you have a party at a ski hut while you sleep, you should often behave more modestly in the waking world.

If you celebrate more cautiously at a housewarming party, you can increase your reputation and likeability with a little skill. In particular, making contacts in the waking world now earns bonus points.

Dream symbol “party” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, visiting or hosting a party represents the unconscious longing for cheerful exuberance and a happy mood as well as social acceptance. The dreamer wishes to take part in the general happiness and thus become part of the community.

In the dream, the shared experience of the party deepens the binding to the group, the dreamer also strives for this goal in reality.

In dream interpretation, the more often the dreamer is alone in real life, the more pronounced the need for company. The dream symbol “party” can be seen as a call of the subconscious can be understood in the dreamer, to participate more in social life and to make social contacts.

Dream symbol “party” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the symbol “party” can be understood from a spiritual point of view in such a way that the relationship between work and relaxation in the dreamer’s everyday life is not balanced.

Die seriousness the daily fulfillment of duties predominates, the lightness and happiness of the spiritual part of the personality are neglected. The message of the dream is to restore balance.

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