Partridges – dream interpretation

Partridges are primarily native to heath and steppe landscapes in many parts of Europe and Asia. Seen from a distance, partridges appear gray, which is part of their camouflage. However, upon closer inspection, these birds have a reddish head and a horseshoe-shaped spot on the front part of the abdomen.

In contrast to global assessments, the population of partridges in Europe is considered endangered. This fell sharply between 1970 and 1990. That’s why the partridge was chosen “Bird of the Year” by NABU in 1991. In order to draw even more attention to the extremely critical situation of partridges, the German Hunting Association declared 2016 the “Year of the Partridge”.

Dream symbol “partridges” – the general interpretation

The general level of dream interpretation sees the symbol “partridges” primarily as a warning against jealousy and resentment. The dreamer should not allow himself to be carried away by such feelings in waking life. In addition, partridges can dream minor difficulties symbolize if they appear aggressive.

The sight of a partridge bird in a dream can also ask you to stop being modest. One should be his Talents and show qualities openly so that they can be appreciated accordingly. Many partridges as a dream image can bring financial gains.

If a man sees a flock of partridges fluttering up in his dream, he can be happy about the attention from women in his waking life, but the interest is only superficial. If you see partridges flying in your dream, you can expect successful developments in future projects.

According to general dream interpretation, catching a partridge as a dream symbol promises Luck for the future. But this dream situation can also warn of a false friend. If the dreamer shoots partridges in his dream, he will have difficulties with other people’s jealousy.

Killing partridges as a dream image is considered to be auspicious and successful sign, but can also result in financial losses. If the dreamer eats a partridge while sleeping, his achievements in waking life will finally be recognized. On the other hand, it will arouse someone else’s resentment or jealousy.

Dream symbol “partridges” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image “partridges” can be interpreted similarly to the symbol “chicken”. This means that the dreamer becomes one through his dream concentration to the essentials in his life. He should not waste his attention or allow himself to be distracted from what is really important.

The sight of a nest of partridges while sleeping can indicate the dreamer’s desire security and point out safety. However, if the nest is empty, this can be interpreted as a sign of loneliness.

Anyone who goes hunting for partridges in their dream should be shown that they are prepared to make many sacrifices for their success or that they have no consideration for others.

Dream symbol “partridges” – the spiritual interpretation

According to transcendent dream analysis, partridges as a dream symbol can envious feelings embody the dreamer’s feelings about the personal development of people around him. Because he is still at a lower level of maturity in his own personal development.

Partridge chicks as a dream image can symbolize the dreamer’s innocence in spiritual matters.

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