Parsley – dream interpretation

Parsley is one of the most famous culinary herbs. They are known to have both smooth and curly leaves, which are often used as decoration for all kinds of hot and cold dishes. The aromatic little leaves are also ideal for seasoning.

But parsley is much more than just a garnish for our food. There is a lot of healing in it. From its high vitamin C content, to its cleansing and diuretic effect, to its use for menstrual problems, parsley is a true jack-of-all-trades among herbs.

But why does this healthy culinary herb appear in our dream world? Maybe it’s trying to tell us that we should eat healthier? Or is there much more to the dream image than one might imagine at first glance?

Dream symbol “parsley” – the general interpretation

According to the dream interpreters, anyone who eats parsley in a dream will soon have it Success something he has been working towards for a long time. The dream image also often represents health issues.

Eating or buying fresh parsley in the dream world can therefore be interpreted positively and, on the one hand, promises the dreaming life force and vitality. On the other hand, this makes it clear that he attaches great importance to a healthy diet and chooses foods very consciously.

Furthermore, the dream symbol “parsley” shows that you move in a pleasant and open-minded living environment. However, caution is advised if you see dried or wilted parsley in your dream. Here the person concerned can receive material benefits losses threaten.

Sometimes this dream image also shows that things are not going well with a relationship or friendship. All attempts to maintain this will sooner or later fail.

If you plant parsley in your own garden, it generally promises a happy and long life.

Dream symbol “parsley” – the psychological interpretation

In earlier times, parsley was considered a mystical herb that was said to have very special properties. Even today we still know about the cleansing and clarifying effects of the culinary herb.

For the psychological dream interpreters, the dream image “parsley” raises the question of what is happening in the life of the dreaming person clarification or needs cleaning. This primarily refers to topics, but also people, that negatively influence the life of those affected.

Perhaps the dreamer has been in poor mental health for a long time and has never found a real cause for this. Very often a large part of our knowledge lies on deeper levels of consciousness. The parsley in the dream can therefore be an important message and show the dreamer that now the time has come to deal with this inner knowledge connect to.

Dream symbol “parsley” – the spiritual interpretation

From the perspective of spiritual dream interpreters, the dream image “parsley” represents this female principle and for the hidden level of consciousness.

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