parking – dream interpretation

Anyone who lives in a big city and drives a car there is probably familiar with this situation: you drive around the same block over and over again, but you just can’t find a free parking space. Only if you’re lucky does someone come along at exactly that time and drive away their own car, giving you a free parking space.

But then the next challenge often follows: Parking spaces that are far too small or other drivers who have parked their cars in an inconvenient way that doesn’t take up much space make the situation more difficult. This requires mastery of your own car and its size.

However, when you finally park successfully, we usually feel joy because we can devote our full attention to other matters. An alternative – the multi-storey car park, underground car park or ground-level garage – is usually relatively expensive, especially if you want to park there for a long or permanent time. Parking garages are also often closed at night, so you are tied to the opening times of a parking facility.

Anyone who takes the risk will park in a no-parking zone – and if they’re unlucky, they’ll be caught by the public order office, receive a fine or be towed straight away.

What can sometimes be very nerve-racking in real life can also be experienced in our dreams. It also happens here that we park our car. Sometimes we find a free space straight away, sometimes we search endlessly for it. But what does the dream symbol “parking” mean? How about a taxi or chauffeur?

Dream symbol “parking” – the general interpretation

Parking a car in a dream can indicate that the person concerned new strength want and have to create. There’s always a lot going on in his life and he can’t find time for himself. However, in order to permanently withstand the stress of everyday life, the dreamer urgently needs one Pausehe needs to recover.

According to general opinion, anyone who dreams of parking in an area where this is forbidden tends to not very sensible to act. The person affected regularly switches off their inner reason and tries to assert their will at all costs. The dream about parking is intended to draw your attention to this and ask you to reflect on your behavior.

Did this tactic really always achieve what you wanted to achieve in the end? Perhaps you have blocked paths and opportunities because of your own unreasonableness?

Dream symbol “parking” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, dreams in which the person concerned searches in vain or for a very long time for a parking space are particularly meaningful. This symbol suggests that he is happy with his current life situation unsatisfied is. He either feels overwhelmed in everyday life or is missing something.

The longed-for parking in the dream symbolizes the deep desire to finally arrive in life. From a psychological point of view, this mainly refers to: love life. Dreaming about parking shows that you want a fulfilling relationship, a partner with whom you feel at home.

If, on the other hand, a parking space is quickly found in the dream, in which the person concerned then parks, in reality he has found someone who will help him security gives.

Dream symbol “parking” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, the symbol “parking” in the dream represents inner longingto find yourself.

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