Paradise – dream interpretation

Religion and faith not only play an important role in many people’s everyday lives, but they can also find their way into our dreams. A particularly common dream image is the biblical paradise, also called the “Garden of Eden”. It happens that in dreams we find ourselves in paradise, where Adam and Eve were according to the story of creation. Then we see a colorful blooming garden with all kinds of plants and animals, beautiful palm trees and orchids, a shimmering peacock in the middle, surrounded by fresh fruit and sunshine. The fateful apple tree with its sinful fruits (in other interpretations it is the pomegranate tree or the fig tree) can also be seen.

However, the emotions that such dreams evoke in us do not always have to be exclusively positive. Sometimes staying in the Garden of Eden also causes insecurity or a feeling of disorientation. The interpretation of the dream symbol “Paradise” depends on these sensations.

Some dream situations occur more often in connection with the theme of paradise than others. Let’s first take a look at these dreams before moving on to the general interpretation of the “Paradise” symbol:

Dream symbol “Paradise” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The bird of paradise in a dream

The bird of paradise is a songbird with magnificent plumage and long, curved tail feathers. In general, in dream analysis, birds represent free spirits who have many ideas and a tendency to rebellious thoughts. Anyone who recognizes a colorful, beautiful bird with long feathers in a dream, perhaps in the jungle or actually in a paradisiacal garden, will experience a happy time without worries. As a result, new ideas can emerge that will help the dreamer move forward in life.

Dream symbol “paradise” – the general interpretation

Paradise with an oasis can have a variety of meanings as a dream symbol. Basically, a dreamed stay in paradise promises good things Health and happy times, because in paradise you will find food in abundance and everything you desire. This interpretation applies to all areas of life, especially everyday professional life and romantic relationships. Financial worries and interpersonal problems become a distant memory and you feel better.

Anyone who dreams of going to paradise, or maybe even heaven, longs for more in everyday life recognition. The person affected achieves a lot, but perhaps has the feeling that his efforts are not sufficiently valued by everyone around him. Entering paradise symbolizes the reward that the dreamer believes he is entitled to.

Negative feelings that arise in dreams with the search for paradise or entering the Garden of Eden can occur cockiness to warn. If the person affected feels insecure, they have already realized that they should not overestimate themselves. At the same time, it is important to lower your own expectations regarding certain matters. Otherwise there is a risk of disappointment and heartache.

In addition, paradise is also generally considered a symbol of perfection and innocence. Depending on the character of the dreamer, his behavior and his lifestyle, the dream image should either strengthen him in his being or point him on the right path.

Dream symbol “paradise” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, paradise in a dream is a sign that the person concerned is after inner peace, serenity and his mental balance. He longs to come to terms with himself and to be able to fully accept all parts of his personality. The subconscious of the dreamer has already recognized that this requires time and relaxation.

You should feel encouraged and encouraged by the dream symbol “paradise” to allow yourself time for yourself and to withdraw. In this way you can learn to find yourself and achieve happiness. This can also help you regain the energy you need in stressful everyday life.

Dream symbol “paradise” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, paradise is a particularly important dream image. It shows that the person concerned is comfortable with the origins of his being busy. In this context he realizes the perfection of his soul, which in turn leads to happiness.

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