Palm tree – dream interpretation

Sun, sea, beach and palm trees – this is what the perfect relaxing holiday looks like for many people. Finally let your soul and your feet dangle in a hammock under the palm trees. The quiet sound of waves, a gentle breeze coming from the sea and a cool cocktail make relaxation perfect.

In the real world, palm trees are often a symbol of vacation in distant countries. But what does the dream symbol “palm tree” mean when it appears in our dream world?

However, if a yucca palm appears in a dream, you should use the corresponding dream symbol for interpretation. Because this plant is mistakenly called “palm”, botanically speaking it is one of the asparagus plants.

Dream symbol “palm tree” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the palm tree is usually a symbol of relaxation and peace. A palm tree is often associated with vacation, a break on an island in the south. Maybe that’s exactly what the dreaming person longs for because things are very stressful in their life and they turn their backs on everything for a while and then again Kraft want to fill up.

If the dreaming person climbs up a palm tree in the dream situation, according to dream interpreters they are very popular. She often attracts people who want to talk to her. If many palm trees appear as a dream image, this announces the person concerned wealth and prosperity at. Many palm trees may also be harbingers of great happiness or a long journey.

According to dream interpreters, if you see two palm trees standing next to each other on an island, you will soon meet the love of your life. If the palm tree stands alone outside in nature, you can be happy about the fulfillment of a wish that you have had in your heart for a long time.

A fruit-bearing date palm, a palm tree with coconuts or pineapples symbolizes a phase of calm that seems to have no end. Often this is a wonderful thing Vacation meant in the waking world, which the dreaming person has really earned.

However, if the palm tree is inside a house, you have to expect that a matter will not develop as desired. This can be disappointing for the dreamer and cause dissatisfaction.

If a woman walks down a street lined with palm trees, this is a good omen and promises her a happy home. Furthermore, she shouldn’t worry about her spouse’s fidelity.

If she sees withered palm leaves in her dream, sad circumstances will soon cast a shadow over her carefree happiness. But like a palm tree in the wind, it too will adapt to the circumstances and make the best of the situation.

Dream symbol “palm tree” – the psychological interpretation

If a woman dreams of a palm tree, this very often has one in the psychological interpretation of dreams sexual background, as the palm tree also embodies male power. The female dream longs for a strong partner with whom she can feel safe and secure. Just as she can lean on the palm tree, she also wants to be able to lean on a male partner and have the feeling of being supported and caught.

Old dream books see an announcement in the dream symbol “palm tree”. offspring. From a psychological point of view, climbing a palm tree indicates a short-tempered nature. You literally quickly get uptight and are easily provoked by others.

Dream symbol “palm tree” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the palm tree represents Rebirth and immortality. The palm branches in particular show the dreamer that things continue on a different level after death.

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