Palm reader – dream interpretation

When palm reading, conclusions about a person’s character, health and fate are drawn from the shape of the hands and especially from the palm lines. For a short time, palmistry was even recognized as a science, but this became obsolete during the Enlightenment period. Palm reading now largely takes place at fairs and is associated with the occult. Palm reading is often practiced by women because they have a particularly high level of intuition and empathy.

We would like to shed more light on what palmistry can mean as a dream image in the following text.

Dream symbol “palm reader” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, meeting a palmist in a dream can Angst or represent the dreamer’s concern about future actions in the waking world. He is aware that he will soon have to make a decision or act. However, neither the matter in which something needs to be done nor the consequences can be foreseen so far. If the dreamer visits a palm reader in his dream, according to the general dream interpretation, he is looking for security and knowledge in the wrong place.

In a woman’s dream, the palm reader can symbolize slander as a dream symbol. The dreamer cannot quickly dismiss this suspicion in the waking world. If a woman’s hand is read in a dream, she will have many male acquaintances. If the woman herself is the palm reader in her dream, she will behave cleverly in the waking world and thereby achieve greatness Win come.

If you get the future predicted in your dream by a palm reader, you are in for a treat difficult problem into the house. You will have to think about this a lot and you should only agree to a solution after careful consideration. If the dreamer works as a palm reader in the dream, his life will be successful through his own actions.

Dream symbol “palm reader” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “palm reader” as a sign of one’s own unconscious. This calls on the dreamer to do more in his waking life Intuition to trust. Because this is based on the knowledge of the unconscious. In addition, the palm reader in the dream can symbolize the dreamer’s desire to learn something about his own secrets. The dreamer has previously closed these inside himself and now he would like to take a closer look at them.

If the dreamer visits a palm reader in his dream, he should realize that in his waking life he completely trusts the intuition or experience of another person. However, he should not do this blindly, but should also trust his own judgment. If the dreamer himself is the palm reader in the dream, it will be shown to him that he has expanded his knowledge in the waking world. Through this he has findings achieved, which will further advance his development. In addition, successful and happy times await him.

Dream symbol “palm reader” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “palm reader” can represent the dreamer’s wish for one spiritual guide or for help in spiritual matters.

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