Palate – dream interpretation

The roof of the oral cavity is called the palate. It serves as a so-called abutment for the tongue and is therefore very important when eating and speaking. When it comes to food intake, the term “palate” is always closely linked to the idea of ​​culinary delights, which particularly concerns outspoken gourmets. With a tasty meal we can delight our taste buds and of course ourselves.

But how does the dream interpretation interpret the symbol “palate”? Why did it appear in your dream? Reconsider your dream and review it mentally. what did you see? how did you feel? Were there any additional details? These questions should help you interpret your dreams. The details are also important for a far-reaching interpretation of your dream.

Since the palate is part of the mouth and is often associated with eating, the dream symbols “mouth”, “taste” and “swallow” should also be included for an extended dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “palate” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “palate” is used as a sign of spiritual nourishment seen. The dreamer may have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge or expand his intellectual horizons, especially in the waking world. The dream symbol then shows him again that he is actually ready for this.

If the dreamer tastes his food in the dream and the dream symbol “palate” is linked to pleasant feelings, then, according to the general dream interpretation, the spiritual soul food offered in the waking world is also to the taste of the dreamer. He finds in it new life opportunitiesthat he would like to use or try out.

If, on the other hand, it has an unpleasant taste, the dream symbol “palate” shows him that this spiritual food does not agree with his Ideal and values ​​match. He has decided on something new, but it doesn’t meet his expectations. The dreamer should therefore think very carefully about whether he wants to continue pursuing this chosen path in the waking world. It might be time for a course correction before, in the worst case scenario, he even loses himself.

Dream symbol “palate” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “palate” as Delights for the dreamer, which he finds very tasty in the dream.

If the dreamer likes something that he would reject in the waking world, the dream symbol invites him to take a closer look at this thing or to discover it. Maybe she has a surprise in store for him and has a lot to offer the dreamer.

Dream symbol “palate” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the palate in a dream symbolizes the intake of spiritual knowledgewhich helps the dreamer move forward on his path.

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