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Through painting we can express our innermost being or our desires and feelings in a visual way. Children are already able to do this, because sometimes what they have experienced cannot be talked about, but can be illustrated with a drawing. The focus should not only be on artistic demands: what is much more important is the joy of painting and the different colors.

The act of painting occurs particularly often in certain dream situations. First we would like to introduce you to these dreams before we turn to the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation:

Dream symbol “paint” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Become a painting artist in your dream

Painting a heart in the dream world

For humans, the heart is one of the most important organs, along with the brain. It is a symbol of life as well as feelings. Painting itself expresses feelings. If this is connected to a heart in the dream, it illustrates the inner state of the dreamer. It can be a sign of love but also of hate. In psychological dream interpretation, a red heart says something about passion and sexual energy.

Painting the tree of life

In dream analysis, the tree represents life force and structure. The dream symbol also represents the connection to nature. If the dreamer paints a tree, he sees himself firmly anchored in the ground by its roots. If he also uses a brush, the dreamer is satisfied with his life. The condition and leaves of the painted tree are very important for an insightful dream interpretation: a healthy tree with flowers and fruit indicates strength and happiness. On the other hand, a bare tree represents weakness or bad luck.

Painting a painting or a picture in a dream

As in reality, dreams are also about creating an image of an event or a person. In the dream, however, the painting indicates an unrealistic idea. If a picture is painted in a dream, perhaps on a canvas on an easel, this can express the desire for a clear view of a situation. It could be an indication that the dreamer can be easily manipulated in reality.

Use the color green when dream painting

Painting is a symbol in dream interpretation related to the colors that appear in the dream. Therefore, they are assigned their own meanings. If a dreamer sees the color green, this sign is interpreted as a positive omen. The color indicates whether a positive or negative event is actually imminent. What is also relevant to the analysis of the dream is the connection in which the color appears in the dream. It therefore makes a difference whether the dreamer paints an object or himself.

Painted buildings or parts of them in a dream

Painting the house in a dream

The house symbolizes the place of refuge where a person’s personality lives. The exact meaning of the dream symbol “painters” is hidden behind the color used to paint the house. It is generally considered a warning against false hopes when this dream symbol appears in your dreams.

Painting walls and floor in the color blue – the interpretation of dreams

Spaces generally represent change. The floor symbolizes the subsoil that gives us support. In combination with colors, the topic can be explored in more detail. In dream interpretation, the meaning of the color blue combines space and truth as well as peace and quiet. It makes a difference whether the wall is smeared or concrete motifs such as graffiti are depicted.

Paint nails on hands and feet. A dream interpretation

Fingernails usually symbolize material thinking. A striking color of nail polish in a dream can represent vanity in reality. If a person paints their own nails, in dream analysis this also represents determination. Since this effort requires a certain skill, it suggests that the dreamer is paying attention to himself. He pursues his goals with just as much precision. The symbol can also mean that the dreamer sees someone else as superficial and doesn’t trust appearances.

Dream symbol “paint” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol wants to “paint” the dreamer on his hidden talents to draw attention. This doesn’t just mean painting itself, but also other previously undiscovered skills.

If the dreamer paints himself in the dream, he can look forward to all sorts of erotic adventures. If, on the other hand, someone else paints him in a dream, he should tame his need for recognition in the waking world. If you see an ink box in a dream, then this also refers to your creative abilities. For example, if you draw signs on a wall while you sleep, you should direct your attention to important things in real life.

According to the general dream interpretation, mixing the colors for painting in a dream is announced Success in business matters. If the dreamer takes a brush in his hand to paint in the dream, the dream symbol wants to illustrate that he is very satisfied with his current life in the waking world. As a dream image, brushing promises happy times. In this context, a paint roller for applying paint can indicate a balanced condition.

Preparing watercolors for painting in a dream warns the dreamer to get involved in a questionable matter in the waking world. Oil paints for painting as a dream symbol mean to the dreamer that he will make his situation safer in the future.

If the dreamer paints or paints an object in the dream, he is dishonest to a friend in the waking world. He should think carefully about his behavior. If the dreamer paints himself, he will be lied to in waking life. Coloring a mandala while sleeping can often be viewed as a favorable sign for one’s future.

Painting your own face in a dream means that the dreamer is himself Ridiculousness reveals. If, on the other hand, he paints someone else’s face in a dream, the general dream interpretation asks him not to mock this person. If you are painted with henna while you sleep, you often want more recognition.

In connection with the dream symbol “painting”, the colors used are also of particular importance for dream interpretation. Painting with strong colors in a dream is a sign of trouble. Red, for example, indicates arguments, yellow stands for envy and gray for melancholic thoughts. Magenta refers to passion in the spiritual realm.

On the other hand, delicate, quiet colors for painting in dreams bring Quiet and Happiness. For a detailed interpretation of the individual colors when painting in a dream, the dream symbol “colors” should also be used.

Dream symbol “paint” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological level of dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “painting” in a positive sense as an indication of how the dreamer will develop and be in the future shape life becomes. Viewed negatively, it indicates fraud and sugarcoating of certain matters.

Drawing with colored pencils as a dream symbol can also be seen as a expression of self of the dreaming can be interpreted. Painting miniatures in a dream means that he should also pay attention to the details in his life in the waking world.

Painting large pictures in dreams encourages the dreamer to develop a more general perspective in the waking world. When we paint with chalk, it points to the childlike part of us.

If you paint a yin-yang symbol in a dream, this can indicate the harmony between male and female characteristics. The person concerned should become aware of this balance in the waking world.

Dream symbol “paint” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “painting” to mean that the dreamer creates his own spiritual background image want to create. Before this he wants to show his spiritual abilities to other people.

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