Pain – dream interpretation

That hurts! Pain can be very disruptive to life. Although a mild pain is quickly treated medically or eliminated, it still gives us pause for a moment. With severe pain, however, things are different. The suffering usually cannot be remedied so quickly and we first have to endure the pain before strong medication can take effect and contain it.

Some people even have to live with chronic pain if gout, rheumatism or other illnesses accompany them throughout their lives. This pain can be alleviated somewhat with painkillers and strong medicine. But the pain is always there underneath and puts a lot of strain on those affected: painful illnesses have a significant impact on the quality of life.

Sometimes pain is just imaginary, like after an amputation: the leg that is actually no longer there suddenly itches, tingles or pulls. Such sensory errors that arise from the brain are called “phantom pain”.

But what about pain in dreams? How can these be interpreted? Are they just an expression of a physical cause in real life or is there more to it?

Dream symbol “pain” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, pain in dreams is considered a Hindernistraum viewed. This means that the dreamer should become aware through his dream that he will encounter obstacles in his life or is already affected. It is important to recognize these in the waking world and act accordingly. However, this will not be easy for the dreamer, which is expressed in his dream of pain.

The dream symbol “pain” is also seen as a good signal for business matters within the general interpretation of dreams. But it can also warn of family problems.

A slight pain as a dream symbol – for example when cutting on a shard of glass – indicates a bad one health status in waking life. Stronger pain in the dream, on the other hand, indicates important event, which will be favorable for the dreamer and will be of great benefit to him. This could be, for example, a good deal in business, a good harvest or a positive development in love affairs. This always depends on the living circumstances of the dreamer.

According to the general dream interpretation, this is to be expected Luck the greater the dream pain is. The feeling of pain in a dream sometimes shows the dreamer that he or she is viewing a certain thing or situation in waking life too negatively.

If you have pain in a dream due to an infectious disease such as smallpox, this can be viewed as a favorable sign. The dreamer is probably facing a period of prosperity. If the patient is lying in a hospital in the dream because he is feeling great pain, as a dreamer you can free yourself from an unfortunate situation by asking other people for help or advice.

Groaning in pain can become a dream image considered action request. Because someone might want to harm you.

If you inflict pain on another person while they are sleeping out of sadism, i.e. out of pure pleasure, this can indicate a harmful influence in the waking world.

Dream symbol “pain” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “pain” expresses one mental injury out of. This can be, for example, a rejection, separation or disappointment in the waking world.

The place where the pain arises or is felt in the dream is also very interesting for the psychological interpretation of dreams. Dream pain in the diaphragm or lung area, for example, indicates love problems that should be urgently solved. Wrist pain often indicates limited options for action in the waking world.

Back pain as a dream symbol is often a sign of too a lot of stress in the waking world. If the knee hurts – for example due to knock knees – this image often refers to obstacles and difficulties on the path of life.

Can be the place of pain in a dream not are determined, this often indicates a certain Hypersensitivity in waking life.

In addition, when interpreting the dream symbol “pain”, it should also be taken into account what caused the pain:

Did a dreamed pain arise from an external influence, such as an accident, a fall, or even a violent attack? Have you been shot? Maybe an accident happened while playing sports? Inflammation of a tooth root can also cause severe toothache or an ear infection.

Or is the pain more of a psychological nature? The interpretations of the respective dream symbols should be used for this purpose.

Dream symbol “pain” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “pain” as a sign to the dreamer that he has parts of his life in the waking world spiritual self denies or doesn’t want to admit it.

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