Package – Dream Interpretation

Packages are usually something we are happy about. Maybe we have ordered something and are already eagerly waiting to receive the goods. However, it is even nicer when someone unexpectedly sends us a package, because it shows that the other person is thinking of us and wants to make us happy. Even a beautifully wrapped package on a birthday or as a gift at Christmas or Easter usually makes the recipient’s eyes light up.

Packages not only trigger happy feelings in reality, but this can also apply when we dream of receiving one.

A package can also appear as a dream symbol if we send one ourselves. What do such dreams mean?

Dream symbol “package” – the general interpretation

Anyone who dreams of receiving a package is basically allowed to do so positive sign understand. It heralds successful and lucrative business. Maybe you will also go on a trip as part of this. If the package sent in the dream is particularly large and heavy, pleasant things await those affected surprises and many moments of happiness.

The sender should also always be taken into account: a package that you receive from a good friend promises that you will see them again soon and that you will find out a lot of news. The same applies if the person concerned sends the package to another person in the dream.

However, the symbol is interpreted less positively if it is an empty package that you receive in a dream. This terminates disappointments and setbacks. The dream can also refer primarily to the professional level: planned projects will not succeed here, there is a risk of failure and bad business.

On unpleasant tasks According to general opinion, the person concerned should expect failure if they have to take a package that is far too heavy to the post office in a dream or if they drop it on the way there.

Dream symbol “package” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, sending a package in a dream can be for the social skills of the person concerned. He is a good friend to his fellow human beings, supports them and always gives them the feeling that they are there and have an open ear. The recipient of the package may also be a person to whom the dream would like to give his heart.

If the person concerned is the one who receives a package in the dream, according to psychoanalysts, this represents subconscious feelings, Experiences and skills You have not yet sufficiently integrated these aspects of yourself into your everyday life and have perhaps let certain opportunities pass you by.

In addition, some experiences still require further processing. The symbol can encourage you to stop repressing your experiences and instead face your impressions. These can also be sexual in nature. Does the dreamer perhaps perceive his own sexuality as reprehensible? Or does he have needs that have so far remained unsatisfied?

Dream symbol “package” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, a package symbolizes one’s own potential. The person affected is in the process of discovering their personal abilities and learning to use them for themselves.

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