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Oxen are male cattle that have been castrated for work purposes. The power of the animal can – and has already been – used better in this way. An ox is much easier to “train” than a bull, i.e. an uncastrated male cow. In fact, the ox is the animal that – demonstrably – was the first to serve as a draft animal for humans. Early in the field, the cattle worked with a yoke to plow the ground.

Also known in connection with oxen is musk, a strong scent secretion that gave the musk ox its name. Although the smelling substance is not “real” musk, which can only come from the so-called musk deer, this substance also has the task of making the oxen more attractive to a cow during mating season. The scent is excreted in the urine.

In addition to the area of ​​agriculture in real life, oxen can also be important in our dreams. The ox is an animal that, depending on the exact dream situation, can say very different things about the person concerned and their life.

In the following section of the text we would first like to devote ourselves to a particularly frequently experienced dream and its meaning: that of the black ox. Afterwards you will learn many interesting aspects about general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “ox” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The black ox as a symbolic dream animal

In dreams, a black ox can symbolize strength and perseverance, but also irrationality and indolence. If you dream of a black ox, you may be preoccupied with your own flaws and virtues. The animal’s roar in a dream can warn of an emergency; The same applies when you ride an ox.

Killing the black-skinned cow can illustrate various things: professional success could occur, there is a threat of discomfort, or the dream image is an invitation to share one’s own earnings with other people. Other dream symbols provide clues to the correct interpretation.

Dream symbol “ox” – the general interpretation

Basically, a cow in a dream can be clumsy and also Simple symbolize, but at the same time it also shows Perseverance and strength. Anyone who sees a bull working in a dream should also be prepared for the fact that he will have to work hard in the near future, but will only achieve limited success.

If the ox is particularly lean, the dreamer should also sit up losses set. These can either be of a financial nature or relate to the private level of the person concerned. In this case, there is a risk of the end of a long friendship or a close relationship. This also threatens if a dead ox is seen in a dream.

According to general opinion, the opposite applies if the ox seen in the dream is healthy and strong. This not only promises an early high, influential position and reputation from the opposite sex, but it also heralds financial success and a happy future an.

In addition, an ox in a dream can symbolize the following:

  • Hearing oxen roar: warning of danger
  • Slaughtering oxen: one’s own happiness will lie in someone else’s misfortune; the affected person could soon become ill
  • Seeing an ox grazing in a pasture: promises a happy future
  • jumping ox: faithful love of the partner
  • Ox attacks: Influential people will develop hostile intentions
  • two oxen yoked together: harmonious marriage; the dreamer will find the right partner.

Dream symbol “ox” – the psychological interpretation

Older people in particular often know that oxen are castrated male cattle. In a man’s dream, an ox can therefore, according to psychological opinion, represent the fear of losing one’s own power represent. The person affected may also fear that they will no longer be able to assert themselves as a man in everyday life. It is important to deal with your inner fears, to understand them, and perhaps to talk about them with another person. This is the only way the dreamer will be able to overcome them.

According to this interpretation approach, in a woman’s dream the ox symbolizes her own Inferiority towards the male gender. The person affected has not yet developed enough self-confidence to assert themselves in front of dominant masculine personalities.

Dream symbol “ox” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the ox represents peaceful powerbut also calmness and quality.

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