Overweight – dream interpretation

Society’s perception of fat people has changed a lot over time. In baroque times, obese women were considered particularly beautiful and erotic, complete with rosy skin and cellulite dimples – today the opposite is the case.

Fat on the ribs is no longer a sign of excellent health, as it was taken for granted in times of need; rather, slim, well-toned bodies are now considered the ideal of beauty. The trends towards thinness, as often shown on the catwalk, are dangerous to health; Instead of hiring models of normal weight, underweight young girls walk up and down in front of the audience.

All sorts of stereotypes are associated with fat people, from the “funny fat guy” to the assumption that they are sluggish or even lazy. On the other hand, it is believed that they can enjoy their lives more and are more inclined towards sensual pleasures than thin people who just nibble on a lettuce leaf.

A lot of this comes from clichés, as genetic predisposition, illnesses and medications are often considered reasons for being overweight. Of course, there are also obese people who simply eat a lot and enjoy eating without worrying about the consequences for their body. Diseases can arise as a result; problems with the bones, the heart or diabetes are a few examples.

How do we deal with these images and our own bodies in dreams? Why do we dream of being overweight?

Dream symbol “overweight” – the general interpretation

Dreams about being fat can have very simple causes. So it can be an unconscious indication that the dreamer is better at his or her own Health pay attention and exercise some moderation, especially when it comes to food.

Die moderation can also refer to your lifestyle in general; you should show a little more hard work instead of lazily indulging in pleasures. The dream symbol can also express self-doubt, especially if the dreamer is not actually fat. Women in particular, who are constantly exposed to the unattainable ideal of beauty, as conveyed in magazines and advertising, often process their complexes with the help of this dream symbol.

If you see your own stomach as being disgustingly fat and bloated, possibly accompanied by nausea, this is what the dream indicates Weariness in life. In addition to fullness and the body image of the dreamer, being overweight in dreams can also be important wealth or prosperity stand – regardless of whether it is the dreamer himself who suddenly sees himself corpulent, or whether other people with great corpulence appear in his dream. Fat men in particular also symbolize empathy and soft-heartedness. In old dream books, excess weight is associated with future Luck and Success connected.

If you are perhaps even mocked as a “roll mop” in a dream because of your excess weight, this can indicate a longing to fulfill a long-held wish. If being overweight causes the dreamer to snore in a dream, he may be facing tensions in the family.

Dream symbol “overweight” – the psychological interpretation

Dealing with your own body image in a dream indicates that in the life of the dreamer Doubt and there are unpleasant feelings about your own body or personality. The feeling of inadequacy is brought into a visible form using the dream symbol. The image you have of yourself in dreams can be completely different from how you feel in waking life.

The fat body in the dream symbolizes that you are trying to ward off the feeling that you are not worth enough yourself. Maybe you criticize yourself because of a physical or mental flaw. Ask yourself what you see as inadequate about yourself and how you could feel more comfortable with yourself again. After all, every person has beautiful sides to them!

You may also be subconsciously concerned with your sensual, enjoyable side, which you do have, but which you have not yet really been able to admit. Being fat here represents the ability to enjoy life and indulge in sensual pleasure.

Anyone who combats their excess weight while sleeping with sports exercises, such as weight training, often also wants to make changes to themselves or their life situation in their waking life.

Dream symbol “overweight” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, excess weight represents the Wahlwhich every human being has to face sooner or later, namely whether he will submit or rebel.

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