Overnight stay – dream interpretation

You can stay overnight in many places – for example in a hotel, in a youth hostel, with friends or even with your own family. And even on a train if you have booked a bed in a sleeping car.

There is usually a reason for staying overnight somewhere other than your own home. But sometimes you spontaneously decide to stay overnight, perhaps because it is already too late in the evening or night.

The symbol of the overnight stay can also be encountered on the dream level. What can it mean here? In connection with this dream symbol, it is also interesting for dream analysis where or with whom you stayed overnight. From this you can gain further insights into dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “overnight stay” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “overnight stay” as one warning to the dreamer. In the waking world he tends to close his eyes to problems or reality. The difficulties often relate to the family and home environment. The dreamer should not turn away from these, because they will not disappear on their own. It would be better to address these and find a solution.

The overnight stay as a dream image can also refer to a Feeling of abandonment of the dreaming. He feels internally separated from his friends or family. However, if the dreamer spends the night with a friend in the dream, he has a positive outlook on his future and he recognizes his willingness to integrate certain parts of his personality into his life.

If you let someone spend the night with you in a dream, you will receive a service of friendship even in the waking world. If the overnight guest is welcome, the dreamer can look forward to new, interesting tasks in real life. However, if a guest’s overnight stay is perceived as unpleasant in a dream, you will have to face an unpleasant fact in your waking life.

If you spend the night in a ski hut while sleeping, it would be advisable to be humble and modest in a difficult situation.

Dream symbol “overnight stay” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the symbol “overnight stay” from a psychological point of view, it refers to the desire for more attention and Attention.

This interpretation can be used especially if the dreamer spends the night with someone else in the dream. He longs for the warm one in the waking world Recording with another person. That’s why you should carefully consider who you’re staying with in your dream. Because this person can possibly point to a real person in the waking world.

If you let another person spend the night with you in your dream, this can illustrate the need to look after and care for another person.

However, in waking life this wish is not entirely altruistic: you want to do something good for someone, but at the same time you hope to get something good from them generosity also a certain recognition and praise. The dreamer should ask himself why he wants to get attention in this way.

Dream symbol “overnight stay” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the person who sleeps with a friend in his dream can expect the help and assistance of other people in his search spiritual knowledge be sure.

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