Organ organ – dream interpretation

When we think of an organ grinder, we usually imagine a colorful, beautifully painted box on wheels, with the crank turned by a man who is at least as mysterious as the box itself.

A small monkey, made of fabric or perhaps even a live specimen, completes the picture. Life moves around the man and his organ grinder, perhaps he is at a fair, children run past laughing and eating cotton candy, and in the distance we hear the screaming of the passengers on the roller coaster. Or he stands in a pedestrian zone, day in and day out, patiently turning the crank.

“Always the old story”, it says figuratively. For many people, the very characteristic music of the organ grinder reminds them of childhood, summer holidays and secrets. At the same time, it can be scary or annoying to hear the same melody. From these two aspects we can deduce what the organ grinder wants to tell us as a dream symbol.

Dream symbol “organ organ” – the general interpretation

In old dream interpretation books, the organ grinder is depicted as a very ambivalent, i.e. conflicting, dream symbol.

On the one hand, it is reminiscent of folk festivals and represents something special that is intended to entertain and cheer us up. If the dreamer hears an organ organ playing in the dream, this can be an indication better days be. Worries and annoyances are a thing of the past or at least forgotten for a while.

Listening to the playing of an organ grinder can also be fun good news indicate. The dream symbol can therefore refer to both the aspect of the past and the future. If you play the organ grinder yourself, you might be able to new acquaintances into the house, with positive people who are good for the dreamer and with whom he will spend an entertaining time.

On the other hand, this dream symbol can also melancholy or even sadness and fears indicate. Perhaps the dreamer is oppressed by something that seems unavoidable and keeps recurring like the droning melody? The fears can also relate to people in one’s own environment who have new expectations of those affected, which they cannot or do not want to fulfill. A new acquaintance or friendship can not only be exciting and beautiful, but can sometimes also be stressful.

Which of these interpretations applies to the dream of the organ grinder can be seen from the context and the dreamer’s current life situation.

Dream symbol “organ organ” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of this dream symbol, the saying about the eternal old lyre applies. The subconscious is of something or someone bored.

It can be about a certain life situation or a relationship, the important thing is that it no longer brings the dreamer forward. The same old routine wears the sleeper out; you long for something new. Maybe this is coming Repetition of the same thing, even from the dreamer himself. Anyone who constantly dwells on old memories and past dreams can hardly develop further.

Dream symbol “organ organ” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of this dream symbol is about detaching from the past, about becoming one Final line to reflect on what is happening instead of dealing with the same problem or question over and over again.

It is now important to look forward and be for yourself new encounters and The inspiration to open. In this way, mind and soul can find new strength.

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