Olympiad – dream interpretation

Not only are the traditional Olympic Games often referred to as the Olympics, but also many other competitions. In a wide variety of areas, for example sports or natural sciences such as math or physics, people compete against each other at an Olympiad with the aim of becoming the best in the respective discipline.

The Olympic flame is traditionally of great importance, as it stands as a symbol of peace and the connection between nations. A torch is lit months before the games and carried into the stadium. Here it is handed over to the first runner, who then passes it on himself after a certain distance. The last runner in the relay lights the Olympic flame in a large metal bowl with the torch.

We can also experience competitive situations like those at an Olympics in our dreams. It happens that we suddenly find ourselves participating in an Olympics or another competition, watching one as a spectator or dreaming of losing.

What can these dreams mean? How is the Olympics interpreted as a dream symbol? Let’s take a closer look at the symbol.

Dream symbol “Olympics” – the general interpretation

Anyone who is present as a spectator at an Olympics in a dream, perhaps also cheering along with one of the participants, can, according to general interpretation, understand this as an indication that other people in their environment are same goals have. The dreamer and some of his fellow human beings, colleagues, friends or family members, have the same ideas for the future and direct their lives in a uniform direction.

However, it also happens that the person concerned takes part in an Olympics in the dream and competes with the competitors. This in turn should be considered warning sign be understood: According to the general opinion, the dreamer will do a certain thing in real life subject to. He may be looking for a new job or trying to win over someone in his personal life. He should prepare himself for the fact that he will not be successful in such things in the near future and that other “applicants” will be preferred to him.

The opposite only applies if the dreamer loses in the Olympics or if no winner can be determined and all participants are equally strong. In this case the dream shows Success and that Outdo others. The person affected can be hopeful and should trust in themselves and their abilities.

Dream symbol “Olympics” – the psychological interpretation

During an Olympics you are in a competitive battle. The better one wins. According to psychological interpretation, this aspect plays a metaphorical role when one dreams of an Olympics. It symbolizes your own Life struggle, in which you are constantly compared to others and have to assert yourself. Psychoanalysts therefore also understand the dream symbol “Olympics” as an invitation to accept this fight and not to shy away from it.

In addition, winning and losing in dreams also have a paradoxical meaning: Even according to the psychological approach, defeat is promised successes in real life, a victory on the other hand setbacks and disappointments.

Dream symbol “Olympics” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual interpretation, an Olympics symbolizes in a dream Challengeto bring your own body and mind into harmony with everything spiritual.

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