Olives – dream interpretation

Olives are the fruits of the so-called real olive tree. We cannot eat olives raw because they are very bitter. However, they are often soaked in water and later stuffed or marinated with oil and herbs. In this way they become a Mediterranean delicacy for us. In addition, olives themselves also serve as a source of oil: a large proportion of the harvested olives are pressed into cooking oil, whose unique taste many people enjoy when preparing dishes.

However, olives are not only important to us as food, they can also play a role in our dreams. Very different situations can arise here: Occasionally we dream of eating olives, buying them or shaking an olive tree.

How are these and other dream situations with olives interpreted? First, let’s look at the most common dreams about this symbol:

Dream symbol “olives” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Eating olives: pleasure or disgust? Your dream analysis

Dream analysis interprets olives as food as a symbol of restoration in the physical and mental areas. But the dream image of “eating olives” can also hide an indication of deep-seated or past experiences that will now be important for the dreamer again. The dreamer may be going through a period of emotional development. The dream symbol can also warn of an affair on the part of your partner if rotten or bitter olives are eaten in the dream.

Green olives and what they can mean in dreams

Anyone who dreams of eating green olives should be warned against accumulating things in excess while awake without really enjoying them. The dreamer is in danger of losing himself in self-indulgence and the urge for financial possessions. The fruits admonish the sleeper to handle matters more thoughtfully in real life.

The green color of the olives also shows that the dreaming person would like to acquire more knowledge. On a relationship level, a dream about green olives can indicate an imminent affair if the sleeper is sexually dissatisfied.

Dream symbol “olives” – the general interpretation

Olives can always be an erotic symbol in a dream and therefore something about that love life of the person concerned.

Anyone who eats the fruit in a dream will soon have a passionate but forbidden love affair experience. What makes this liaison so attractive is the secrecy in which it has to take place.

At the same time, however, it is also quite possible that the dreamer will come across a reality in the process, findings will have that previously remained hidden from him. Recognizing this truth will bring satisfaction to the dreamer.

Olives seen on a tree also promise success in the love life of the person concerned, as well as power, new friendships and in general happy times. However, if the olives are shaken from the tree or picked by another person in the dream, the person concerned should warned feel: He threatens to allow himself to be seduced or to fall for the feigned love of another.

If the sleeper picks the olives from the tree himself in the dream or harvests them, he should also be careful, there won’t be any in the near future decisions not to rush, but first to calmly consider what is the right thing to do.

Rotten olives, perhaps lying on the ground, warn the dreamer of arduous but unsuccessful work. In this case, too, he is at risk of falling for a partner’s deceit or being cheated on when it comes to his love life.

If the person concerned buys olives at a market stall or in the supermarket in a dream, he will enter into an affair in which he will only benefit financially Advantages hopes and plans to exploit the other.

Dream symbol “olives” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, olives are a symbol of femininity and care. They represent the ability to bring harmony into everyday and family life through kindness and prudence.

In addition, olives can also unite according to the psychological approach sexual relationship have. In this case, the dream is currently experiencing a love affair that is forbidden and must be kept secret. This creates a problem that the person concerned wants to solve at all costs, perhaps even with violence.

Dream symbol “olives” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual belief, olives are particularly significant in the sense that a dove brought an olive branch to Noah after the flood. Go with this picture Frieden and Harmony along.

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