Oleander – dream interpretation

The oleander is an evergreen plant that is particularly widespread in the Mediterranean region. It is the only species that belongs to the plant genus Nerium, a subspecies of the dogpoison family. Although the oleander, also known as rose laurel, is very beautiful to look at, especially during its flowering period between June and September, you should be careful: all parts of the oleander are poisonous.

When the oleander appears to us as a symbol in our dreams, it can have very different meanings. The interpretation of the dream image depends heavily not only on the circumstances in the dream situation, but also on the sleeping person’s living conditions. But what exactly can the dream symbol “oleander” say?

Dream symbol “oleander” – the general interpretation

Basically, the general dream interpretation sees the dream image “oleander” as a symbol for bad news. The news that will reach the dreamer in the near future will most likely not correspond to what he would like to find out. The person affected should prepare for grief and disappointments.

It is possible that the sleeper has recently put a lot of effort into a particular matter and put a lot of effort into a project. But here too, it is better to prepare in advance for the futility of the work done.

According to general dream analysis, something more positive only applies when the oleander blooms magnificently in the dream and has many flowers. In such a case, the dream symbol suggests Fulfillment of a wish hope.

In traditional dream interpretation, the oleander has always been understood as a symbol of women female sides of the sleeping person. Dreams about the oleander bush therefore point to the emotional and intuitive parts of the dreamer. Sometimes they also warn against not taking things seriously enough. According to this approach to dream interpretation, the dream image “oleander” promises sick people soon cure and good health.

In addition to these possible meanings of the dream symbol “oleander”, the dreamed cultivation of the plant can also have a Idea symbolize in which the dreamer puts all his abilities. The dream situation should strengthen him in his plans and encourage him to actually show a lot of effort. It could be worth it in the long run.

Dream symbol “oleander” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a blooming oleander is interpreted as a symbol of one’s own longing for vitality, life force and youthfulness. The dreamer wishes to be able to realize himself. This also applies to dream situations in which you plant or grow an oleander.

In addition, the oleander can be used as a poisonous plant in psychological dream analysis but also occasionally as a symbol for negative influences be understood. The sleeper may need to break away from certain unfavorable parts of his everyday life and change something. Only in this way can he develop and develop personally.

Dream symbol “oleander” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to dream interpretation, the dream image “Oleander” is a symbol of durability and fertility.

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