Oil well – dream interpretation

When you think of bubbling oil wells, you automatically imagine features of untold wealth. Some people may be familiar with the city of Abu Dhabi, a former fishing village in the United Arab Emirates that became a luxury island thanks to its oil reserves. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq are also countries where oil wells are repeatedly discovered – but most of the population lives in simple or poor conditions.

However, the owner of such a source is far from material worries, because mineral oil is used in large quantities all over the world: as heating fuel in houses, as fuel for cars, as lubricant for machines. Without oil wells, nothing works in the modern world.

But petroleum also has a dirty side. It can contaminate waterways and soil, and it pollutes the air when burned. Nowadays, oil wells also mean environmental pollution. Petroleum-based cosmetics, for example, are now largely rejected by consumers. In addition, the material itself is sticky, slippery and smelly.

A dream in which an oil well plays a role can therefore have many meanings. Is it bubbling vigorously or is it in danger of running out? Does the oil make everything run smoothly or does it prevent the dreamer from moving forward due to its toughness? Such details are extremely important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “oil well” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, an oil well highlights the dreaming ability locomotion and dynamics to care. It’s not just in his dreams that his life runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine. In dream interpretation, large amounts of oil indicate surpluses in business ventures. If the dreamer buys oil, he can come along Profit calculate.

If the oil well runs dry in a dream, this is a bad sign in the dream interpretation, because a phase of business or personal lucky and success is coming to an end. If the dream image is of a richly bubbling oil well, it can be a request to help others in order to maintain profits and added value.

Dream symbol “oil well” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “oil well” takes on a psychological aspect in dream interpretation lubricity and toughness of the material: Maybe the dreamer wants to escape a situation to which he seems to be stuck and in which he has no firm hold. The dream image “oil well” represents the desire for something more personal Freedom of movement.

On the other hand, oil’s lubricating properties ensure that machines slide more easily. For the human psyche, the dream image “oil well” logically means that interpersonal relationships Contact either run well or could run better.

In addition, an oil well in a dream as a polluting part can indicate that the dreamer is afraid of real environmental pollution. But he can also do it pollution to be afraid in a figurative sense. Maybe there is something that covers his soul like a dark film.

Dream symbol “oil spring” – the spiritual interpretation

In principle, oil is represented in the dream as Energy spender for the Inspirational ability of the mind. With his help, the dreamer can unite with the spirit of God.

The dream symbol “oil spring” loses its practical side on the spiritual level of dream interpretation and becomes a symbol of a spiritual power.

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