Oil lamp – dream interpretation

In the beginning there was fire – and with it the light. As early as 10,000 years ago, people used oil lamps to light up the dark of night. These first artificial light sources were shallow stone bowls filled with animal fats. Later, the oil lamps were often extremely artfully made from clay and filled with vegetable oils; a wick drew the oil up to the flame.

The darkness back then was completely different than it is today, where countless illuminated buildings and street lamps ensure good visibility at all times. When night fell 2,000 years ago, you literally couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. This impenetrable blackness has always frightened people. With the oil lamp, evil spirits could be banished, a djinn could be summoned and enemies could be recognized more easily. Their light meant safety.

In a figurative sense, a lamp can also bring light into spiritual darkness: It “a light dawns on you”. In dreams you often deal with unresolved questions about everyday life. With the help of the oil lamp you can see it in a new light and recognize the answer. Perhaps the dreamer wishes to be guided to wisdom by the oil lamp. When interpreting dreams, it is important to distinguish whether one dreams of a lamp burning brightly or dimly, whether it goes out or is lit.

Dream symbol “oil lamp” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the oil lamp is a dream symbol wisdom and Life as well as for the desire for guidance and knowledge. If the light of the lamp shines brightly, it is a sign of the dreamer’s balance; if it only glows miserably, the dream symbol points to mental health Lack of relaxation and cramping hin.

If one is close to the light of an oil lamp in a dream, this is an indication of the clear perception of the dreamer. Lighting the lamp means help and advice in a difficult situation, extinguishing it warns of inner helplessness.

The oil lamp is the dream symbol in dream interpretation Hidden things visible might. These can be real secrets, but also feelings and thoughts. Anyone who carries a burning lamp in a dream is independent and forms their own opinion, which they openly support. A lamp filled with kerosene usually indicates an interesting acquaintance.

In Indian popular belief, carrying an oil lamp in a dream means that the dreamer is on the right path.

Dream symbol “oil lamp” – the psychological interpretation

The light of a lamp is a strong dream symbol for Life, reason and creative spirit. From a psychological point of view, the oil lamp represents security in dream interpretation, because its light drives away the frightening nature of the darkness.

Anyone who dreams of an oil lamp that only glows dimly fears that their own psychological strength will diminish. The fear of old age and death can also be reflected in this. On the other hand, the flickering light of a brightly burning oil lamp can indicate that the dreamer is in a spiritual state Change process located. Such a dream can certainly be interpreted positively.

Dream symbol “oil lamp” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “oil lamp” refers on the spiritual level in dream interpretation to the idea of ​​light as a sign of the divine, the immortal. But it can also embody the dreamer’s personal spiritual light, which connects him with the spiritual world and enlightens him.

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