Oedipus – dream interpretation

The figure of Oedipus goes back to Greek mythology and is an important theme in literature, the visual arts and psychology.

The Oracle of Delphi prophesies to Laius, king of Thebes, that if his son ever fathers one, he will kill him and marry his own mother. Despite all precautions, the prophecy comes true and Oedipus, the son, unwittingly becomes guilty of parricide and incest. In Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, Oedipus embodies the son’s repressed sexual desires for his own mother. The father is the rival who stands in the way of the son.

If someone dreams of the figure of Oedipus, they may have dealt with this topic in real life. A theater performance in which the main character ends up gouging out both of his eyes out of shame is sure to leave a lasting impression. What you see is then processed in the dream.

What is particularly important for dream interpretation is how the dreamer experiences incest, i.e. sex, between mother and son.

Dream symbol “Oedipus” – the general interpretation

In a dream with the dream symbol “Oedipus”, the erotic relationship with one’s own mother is at the center of events. However, this does not necessarily express a real wish of the dreamer.

In the interpretation of dreams, the sexual act that Oedipus performs with his mother can also reflect the need for Vicinity and security reflected in a familiar person. The dream symbol can also be an expression of the close bond be in real life. However, the dreamer should critically question whether this might affect his independence. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Oedipus” can be a call for more independence.

The dream symbol “Oedipus” can refer to the Characteristics indicate which are attributed to the respective gender:

In the dream interpretation, the mother embodies tenderness and care, which the dreamer may currently be longing for in general. The father, on the other hand, represents leadership and physical protection. In the dream, the dreamer questions these male characteristics with the dream symbol “Oedipus”.

In order to fully understand the dream, it is important to also take into account the individual character traits of the parents.

Dream symbol “Oedipus” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, in the dream symbol “Oedipus”, the father’s role as a rival for the beloved mother’s favor is just as important as the son’s erotic relationship with the mother.

In general, the father figure is considered a natural authority in dream research; it is a symbol of rationality and conscious will. In the subconscious, the dreamer leans against it Dominance of the father. However, like Oedipus, he does not do this consciously. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol shows the generational conflict, which is resolved in the dream by the son’s victory over the father.

In addition, the dream symbol “Oedipus” can indicate real trauma in dream interpretation. If the dreamer was actually sexually abused, the psychological injuries are often processed in the dream.

However, the dream symbol “Oedipus” often reflects emotional ones difficultiesthat the dreamer has with other people. What is important for dream interpretation is whether the dreamer finds the incest pleasant or repulsive.

If he enjoys being close to his mother in a dream, he also seeks this intimacy in real life and has a so-called “mother complex”. If he feels defenseless and harassed, the dream may have problems with the feelings that another person has towards him.

Dream symbol “Oedipus” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, sex is a sublime expression of love and spiritual connection. The dream symbol “Oedipus” is a symbol of the desire for Belonging to the circle of those who are mentally close and exchange ideas spiritually.

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