Oats – dream interpretation

Oats are one of the best-known grains and are also one of the healthiest. It is low in gluten and contains more minerals, fats and vitamins than many other grains. Oats are a very resilient plant and grow even under the worst conditions. It is not for nothing that it is said that by consuming it you can regain your strength if you feel physically weak. It seems as if the resistance power said to be present in the plant is transferred to those who consume it.

Oats - dream interpretation

Oats also play an important role in natural medicine because they are said to have a far-reaching healing effect on various areas of our health.

Whether as gruel, oat soup or oat flakes, you are sure to do something good for your body at any time. Oats (Latin “Avena sativa”) can be a good alternative to chemical agents, especially if you have weak nerves and a poor mental health.

Dream symbol “oats” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, dreams about oats can be viewed as very positive, because seeing them standing in the field promises Success and profitable prospects if one approaches one’s business carefully and does not act recklessly.

If the oats are also nice to look at in the dream, wave Luck and Profit in all areas of life. For farmers who experience this dream, it symbolizes a fulfilling and harmonious family life.

However, if the oats in the dream are still unripe and green, you have to wait and be careful here too. Sometimes it is important to allow some time to pass before acting or making important decisions. Here the unripe oats indicate exactly this. Just as he still needs time to mature, the time for active action has not yet come for the dreamer.

If you see yourself threshing the oats in a dream, you will most likely have successful business and advances in the professional area.

Dream symbol “oats” – the psychological interpretation

You certainly know the sentence “To whom the oats sting…”. This means that a person is exuberant, high-spirited and full of energy.

Depending on what exactly the dream of oats looks like, the dream image always represents, according to psychological dream interpretation cockiness and unbridled Passion and sensuality.

If you eat oats in the form of oatmeal in a dream, you don’t need to worry about a fulfilling sex life, because oatmeal is not only considered a healthy food, but also increases desire. This may reflect the desire for more Lust and Passion in the partnership. Maybe you can use the dream as an incentive to add a bowl of oatmeal to your Sunday breakfast with your partner…

From the perspective of dream research, oats and the gruel made from them or the English variant “porridge” clearly reflect the need for closeness and Schutz of the inner child. Here the soul needs attention and care. The dream should be understood as an invitation to focus more on your own inner processes. The dreamer can gain better access to the life of the soul and feel more clearly what the soul needs in order to feel protected and well nourished.

Dream symbol “oats” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “oats” represents Origin of life. In its capacity as a grain it embodies Grounding and the need for self-knowledge.

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