Oasis – dream interpretation

An oasis refers to a place in the middle of a desert where there is water and vegetation. For caravans and other travelers, oases are vital points on their route where they can take a break and get drinking water and food.

An oasis can be a small spot with a few palm trees where sweet dates or bananas ripen, or a real city. For us the term is synonymous with relaxation and refreshment of mind and soul. People stressed by civilization can recharge their batteries in wellness oases or holiday oases.

If you dream of an oasis, you probably don’t see an economically thriving settlement in the middle of sand dunes, but rather an idyll of exotic trees and gently babbling fountains. In our imagination, an oasis is a place of peace rather than a transshipment point for vital goods. It is possible that the dreamer will soon be on vacation and gets an idea of ​​the upcoming recovery in the dream.

The overall context of the dream event is crucial for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “oasis” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “oasis” expresses the dreamer’s need recreation from the struggles of everyday life or the memory of them. Maybe you’ve been working too much lately and not taking enough time for your personal well-being.

As a place of refuge, the dream symbol warns the dreamer not to disregard their own needs and the signals of the body or soul. If you discover an oasis in a dream, you should treat yourself to a break or at least take it easy to regain your strength.

If someone dreams that they are leaving an oasis, the dream symbol in dream interpretation is a sign that the dreamer is challenges of life. Overcoming difficulties will require a lot of energy. However, he should then act quickly so that he can enjoy another phase of recovery after the work is done.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “oasis” is a good omen Success and satisfaction promises. The dreamer is on the right path and can achieve a lot if he doesn’t leave it and takes breaks at the appropriate time. However, the meaning of the dream image can change depending on the detail in the dream interpretation:

For example, anyone who dreams of finding an oasis in a desert is encouraged by the dream symbol not to give up in their efforts to fulfill their wishes, even if, despite all their efforts, they have always come up short. A dream in which you are in an oasis is an indication of difficulties that can be overcome with the help of others, as well as a warning to the dreamer not to let up in his zeal for work and his determination.

Things that are on or in the dream symbol “oasis” can also give a clue to the interpretation of the dream: palm trees in the dream represent Regretthat the dreamer feels too late. Water encourages him not to despair, as it takes time to get to the goal. In dream analysis, a lack of water in an oasis is a symbol of everyday life Life struggle has grown.

Camels are a positive sign in the dream, because the dreamer will probably reach his goal. If there are several travelers in the oasis, the dream symbol promises good business. If you dream that you have to spend your life in an oasis, this expresses loneliness.

Dream symbol “oasis” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “oasis” is closely linked to life-giving and cleansing water. In dream interpretation, this connection points to the function of the oasis as a place of emotional and psychological refreshment hin.

The groundwater represents contact with the unconscious, which in dreams expresses inner fears, insecurities and life situations that are perceived as threatening. The dreamer is looking for support and support. As a dream symbol, the oasis can represent this escape from the nerve-wracking everyday life, which promises peace and relaxation as well as fresh strength.

If you get lost in a dream, the dream symbol “oasis” represents you shelter for the regeneration and restoration of strength. In dream interpretation, an oasis in the dream can also embody experiences and feelings that have particularly impressed the dreamer after a phase of uniformity.

If you dream that you are leaving the safe place of the oasis, in dream interpretation this is a sign from the subconscious that the time for rest is over. The dreamer’s psyche is stable and can ward off possible hostilities. The dreamer may feel mentally strengthened to such an extent that he is now actually looking for adventure.

Dream symbol “oasis” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “oasis” is a place of refuge and a place of relaxation. The dreamer obviously has the need to refresh himself spiritually.

At the same time, the dream of an oasis expresses the need to escape what has previously burdened the dreamer and to find a place spiritual calm to accomplish.

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