Notch – dream interpretation

The term “Scharte” can have different meanings in German:

On the one hand, a notch or gap on the edge of the otherwise smooth surface of an object is called a nick.

Notch - dream interpretation

An embrasure, for example, is a narrow slot in the wall or other barrier in order to be able to put a weapon through and be protected at the same time. The so-called “harelip”, the congenital cleft lip and palate, also describes a notch.

On the other hand, the word can also mean the cut into a mountain or rocky ridge.

Both types of nicks can appear to us as dream symbols. The exact meaning depends on the specific circumstances in the dream. You should also always take into account what emotions you felt in the dream. But how exactly can a notch be interpreted as a dream symbol? What does it say about us and our lives?

Dream symbol “notch” – the general interpretation

A notch in the sense of one score in an object announces small Problems at. So things in life will not go quite as smoothly as the person concerned had hoped. However, he can be optimistic: in the end, the difficulties will be overcome for him. Despite all the obstacles, successes can soon be seen.

If the person concerned is in the dream Bergen and sees a nick there, the symbol warns of larger ones challenges, which are not so easy to master. Certain matters demand everything from the dreamer. He has to put a lot of effort into achieving his goals.

Especially if the gap seems insurmountable to him in the dream, he is also in danger of ultimately failing in reality. Less negative emotions, on the other hand, suggest that he has good self-confidence and that this helps him not to lose faith in future successes. In this case, giving up is not an option for those affected.

According to general opinion, anyone who falls into a gap in a rock in a dream should behave particularly carefully in the near future. There is a big threat bad luck. Against this background, dangerous situations must be avoided in advance.

Dream symbol “notch” – the psychological interpretation

Seeing a crack in the Bergen According to the psychological interpretation approach, it is an indication of the high Energy and Endurance of the person affected. He doesn’t give up easily, even when difficult obstacles come his way. The emotions felt in the face of the nick in the dream provide further information about ultimate success or failure in a particular matter.

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud also sees the dreamed notch – whether as a notch or a mountain incision – as something Sexual Symbol. In this context, the slit-shaped opening symbolically represents the female genitalia. The person affected is most likely in a phase in which they are subconsciously exploring and getting to know their own sexuality and erotic fantasies in more detail.

Dream symbol “notch” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a notch represents one in every form passage to new development steps.

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