Needle – dream interpretation

Who doesn’t know the well-known saying? “the needle in the haystack”when he is desperately looking for something specific. But most of the time we don’t let this deter us and keep looking. If you actually need a needle for sewing, you usually don’t have to look for long – as long as you have a sewing kit.

There are several types of needles: pine needles, sewing needles, knitting needles, crochet needles, awls, darning needles, safety pins and pins. A compass needle shows us the way. Piercings are done with a hollow needle. And even small dolls can be pierced with a needle in voodoo ceremonies, for example when wishing evil on certain people.

But what does the needle want to tell us in a dream? What does she want to point out to us?

Dream symbol “needle” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “needle” is used in general dream interpretation as a sign of difficulties and Quarrels interpreted in the family area. In addition, the needle in the dream warns of rivals that the dreamer does not take seriously, as they can only cause minor harm to him.

The needle as a dream symbol can also be a symbol of healing powers, especially if needles for acupuncture are seen in the dream. In order to successfully complete the spiritual healing process, the dreamer must allow insights or knowledge from outside into his innermost being. This is painful most of the time, but ultimately it will help him.

In general dream interpretation, there are a number of dream situations in relation to the dream symbol “needle” that can be interpreted in different ways. Pine needles in a dream indicate a good one health condition and a long lifespan.

The sight of metal needles as a dream symbol warns the dreamer that he must expect attacks from those around him in the waking world. Using a needle, possibly in conjunction with a thimble, in a dream symbolizes an impending emergency in which the dreamer seems unfairly unsympathetic. If the dreamer threads a needle in the dream, he will take care of others in the waking world in addition to his own family.

If the dreamer plays pointlessly with a needle and the pincushion in the dream, according to the general dream interpretation, he will make enemies because of his behavior. The search for a needle as a dream symbol illustrates worries in the waking world, which are, however, unnecessary.

The general dream interpretation places finding a needle in a dream as a sign of good friends from those who greatly appreciate the dreamer. If a needle breaks in a dream, it symbolizes loneliness and poverty. If the dreamer pricks his finger with a needle in the dream, this dream situation can indicate the loss of a friend or disappointments in love matters.

Dream symbol “needle” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “needle” can be interpreted as a phallic symbol and then points to sexual desires of the dreamer. It also represents the dreamer’s ability to recognize his own psychological state very precisely. This knowledge can then help him to cope better with his everyday life.

Furthermore, the needle as a dream symbol can be a symbol of the physical and mental Pains to be the dreamer. This primarily refers to the smaller peaks that the dreamer has to endure in everyday life.

Dream symbol “needle” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “needle” is a reference to the masculine sexuality. In addition, the needle can be one in the dream breakthrough insight symbolize what changes the dreamer’s view of his life.

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