Nazi – dream interpretation

The Nazi dictatorship under Adolf Hitler began in Germany in 1933 and collapsed at the end of World War II in 1945. The NSDAP was founded in 1920. Many people, especially Jews, were persecuted, arrested and killed by the National Socialists. Radio and newspapers were brought into line, while in schools the subject of racial studies was given more importance than spelling and mathematics. A typical symbol for this time was the imperial eagle with a hooked cross in an oak leaf wreath.

After the war, leading Nazis were brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials. But many also got away unscathed. Right-wing extremism still exists today, in parties, clubs or even as a completely private opinion.

If someone dreams of a Nazi march, they will probably feel horror and fear. The appearance of right-wing extremists is characterized by aggressiveness and intimidating behavior, which probably does not fail to have an effect on the dreamer. In order to understand the meaning of the dream, an analysis of your own life situation is an important prerequisite.

Dream symbol “Nazi” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “Nazi” represents one totalitarian power In dream interpretation, the dreamer is confronted with the question of the extent to which he himself represents extreme positions and does not tolerate any other opinion.

Dreaming of a National Socialist can be an invitation that own attitude to reconsider. This does not have to mean that you take a racist position in your waking life; other topics can also be relevant. Perhaps the dreamer is simply considered a “lateral thinker” who often offends, regardless of National Socialist attitudes.

In addition, a Nazi embodies as a dream symbol control and oppression that the dreamer may experience in everyday life. In dream interpretation, however, the tyranny caused by right-wing extremism is often an opposite symbol and means that the dreamer will be the superior in the end.

In popular dream interpretation there are various aspects to the dream symbol “Nazi”. A right-wing extremist in a dream warns you to do so Caution when resolving a conflict. The dream may have the need to tell a real person what he thinks of them. However, he should be careful that this openness does not lead to bad talk about himself.

In dream research, the dream symbol is also one warning before the person’s reaction. However, the Nazi in the dream is also a sign that the dreamer can defend himself successfully. If he sees himself as a National Socialist, he is probably a harmless fellow in real life. However, the dreamer probably suffers from being underestimated by others.

Dream symbol “Nazi” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, a Nazi is a symbol of violence and power. The dream symbol can be viewed from two perspectives. If the dreamer identifies with the National Socialist in the dream, his subconscious wants him to be his own Addiction addiction and draw attention to intolerance.

The dream symbol reflects aspects of being that the dreamer may not accept. A pronounced one egoism for example, inevitably leads to social difficulties because failure to respect generally applicable rules results in social rejection.

If the dreamer is afraid of the Nazi in his dream, the dream symbol shows the fear of him Abuse of power by a specific person. The subconscious processes the dreamer’s real fears of someone in his or her environment. He feels exposed and defenseless and addresses his own powerlessness in the dream of a right-wing extremist.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is the epitome of what the dreamer unconsciously perceives as threatening and intimidating. In order to protect the psyche, the subconscious deals with this problem in the dream.

Dream symbol “Nazi” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “Nazi” is an invitation to Self-discovery.

In dream interpretation, the right-wing extremist is a contrasting figure to the dreamer. By turning away from the material world and turning to spiritual values, he can achieve inner harmony and realize himself.

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