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In most cases, our parents decide what name we have before we are born. From the moment we take our first breath it accompanies us; our own identity is inextricably linked to it. In previous generations it was tradition that the eldest son was given the father’s name, which he had already taken over from his father. It was also often customary to give your child the godfather’s name as a middle name, as a sign of appreciation and respect.

Where many people used to have the same names, today the variety is almost endless and goes far beyond the German vocabulary and German naming. And even if the authorities still have the right to object – which can certainly be appropriate in some cases to protect the child – there are hardly any limits to the parents’ fantasies.

If you are called by your name in your dreams or hear the names of strangers, what does this mean? In dreams, just a monogram can appear, i.e. the first letters of a name – what does that mean? So let’s take a look at the dream interpretation of the dream symbol of names.

Dream symbol “name” – the general interpretation

Dreams in which we are called by name are actually not as rare as one might think. Many people have been startled awake by hearing their name being called loudly. Only to realize that this only happened in a dream. This is where the dream interpretation sees one warning noteto be more careful in real life in the future.

If you write your name under a document in a dream, you should also be careful with future ones Verträ­gen or business deals. It is important to pay attention to the small print here. Your own name on a business card or stationery warns of financial transactions and contracts that are risky.

Further interpretations of the dream symbol “name” are:

  • Being addressed by the wrong name: bad omen for love
  • Strange voices call: Beware of uncertainty, pay attention to your obligations
  • a list of names: longing for more independence
  • Writing your own name with a pen: don’t commit yourself to a particular matter yet
  • Sign a contract with the name: Reminder to stick to your everyday obligations.

Dream symbol “name” – the psychological interpretation

From the psychological perspective of dream interpretation on the dream image “name”, the call of our name in the dream is as Ruf to understand one’s own self. Where do we get lost in real life? Possibly too caught up in the demands and requirements of other people and always strive to be better and different than we really are.

Through this dream symbolism, our subconscious sends us a clear signal with the dream of our name, the rough edges of the own personality to accept and be more loving towards yourself.

However, if you hear someone else’s name in your dream, it may be a sign that you know that person in waking life more attention give and maybe soon with her Contact should occur. If the relationship of trust is very close, this person may actually need your help and you sense this through your dreams. Go according to your feeling that connects you with this person.

Dream symbol “name” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image of the name symbolizes the spiritual dream interpretation Ver­bindung with your own self. Here the perspective can be changed through the dream and directed towards yourself as an individual.

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