Nails – dream interpretation

The term “nails” can be used to describe fingernails and toenails as well as metal pins.

While metal nails are usually used to build something or hold something together, fingernails have a decorative function in addition to their functional ones. Especially these days, a lot of emphasis is placed on an attractive appearance, which also includes well-groomed fingernails.

You can easily find out what your dream about nails means. Read the following text and connect the meaning with all the other symbols seen in the dream: For example, were nail scissors seen? Or a file? In the case of a metal pin, perhaps a hammer or a picture that was supposed to be hung up in the dream? Unless you can keep and reference a dream journal, try to remember.

Find out more about the dream image of nails now:

Dream symbol “nails” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Cutting your nails: manicure or pedicure in the dream world

Cutting your fingernails or toenails in a dream is usually a symbol of the dreamer’s perception of not feeling fully effective in real life. Such dreams are often caused by other people who restrict the sleeper’s waking state; Losses are also possible.

If the nails are only roughly shortened during the dream action, the image can mean that the dream traveler has to expect a reprimand in his private everyday life or in his professional life. If the nails break off before you can trim them, failures and losses are on the horizon.

Dream symbol “nails” – the general interpretation

This refers to the general interpretation of dreams Dream symbol “nails” as fingernails often on passionate ones disputes as well as prosperity, especially when it comes to long nails in the dream. Artificial fingernails in a dream usually show the dreamer his own arrogance.

Cutting or tearing off your own nails in a dream heralds losses in the financial area. If the dreamer cuts another person’s nails in the dream, perhaps as part of a manicure or pedicure, he would like to reprimand him in the waking world and show him his limits. Breaking a fingernail as a dream symbol indicates that a matter in waking life will not lead to success.

If something is pulled out from under a nail with tweezers in a dream, you should also focus your attention on the details of a thing and not just look at the big picture.

Will that Dream symbol “nails” in relation to metal pins interpreted, the dream symbol here is primarily a symbol of a strong interpersonal relationship or the inner cohesion the personality of the dreamer. According to general dream interpretation, the sight of nails in a dream that hold something together illustrates to the dreamer’s ability to connect things or people in waking life.

Driving a nail in a dream indicates to the dreamer that it would be better to tell the truth in a particular matter. If many nails are hammered into the wall in a dream, the dreamer should become aware that everything he tackles now will be successful.

If the person concerned sees a fakir walking across a board full of nails without feeling any pain, this represents the further development of his or her own conscious will. The dreamer has reached a point in his life where he knows what he wants and how he can achieve his goal.

If the dreamer finds nails in the dream, he can talk about one in the waking world increase rejoice in his wealth. A crooked nail in a dream shows the dreamer that he will get ahead of a rival in the waking world. Rusty or bent nails as a dream symbol symbolize illness and failure in business matters.

Dream symbol “nails” – the psychological interpretation

Illustrate the psychological side of dream interpretation fingernails the self-image in the dream, self-esteem and self-confidence of the dreamer. The condition of the nails in the dream is important because this provides information about how well or how badly the dreamer thinks about himself.

Dirty nails in a dream represent reduced self-esteem. Removed or missing fingernails in a dream symbolize that the dreamer has completely lost his self-confidence. Painted nails in a dream indicate increased self-esteem and at the same time warn against vanity.

metal nails as a dream symbol, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams Perseverance and resistance. If the dreamer hammers in nails in the dream, the dream symbol makes him aware that he is sticking to a certain point of view in the waking world. Because this offers him a certain level of security.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, crooked nails in dreams represent the winding paths that are sometimes necessary in life to achieve a certain goal. If the power of penetrating the nail is in the foreground in the dream, the dreamer should be concerned with his difficulties in relation to masculinity and sexuality.

Dream symbol “nails” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “nails” is seen as a sign of Predestination and needs interpreted.

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